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May 25, 2006


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At the least it should only take one experience to forever burn the "what I gotta dos" into the brains of every coastal resident.


At some point, if people don't learn how to protect themselves, you have to look at it as "thinning the herd".

I feel so badly for you, having to live in a place where the climate is so harsh (g). This, of course, from a guy who is loading in nine cords of firewood for the harsh Canadian winter.

Joking aside, I'm sure you and your family and friends and neighbours know how worrisome it can be for those of us NOT there. Believe me, we watch the forecasts just as closely as you do ...

Here's to a safe - and relatively uneventful - storm season. For all of us.


I got caught in a heck of a storm here the other day...I was at the grocery store when it blew in. I was trying to push my cart across the lot to load the car and the wind was blowing so hard it was pushing empty carts sideways across the asphalt. When I listened to the news later, it said that we'd had 76-mile-an-hour winds during the storm, which lasted maybe 30 minutes.

I can't even begin to imagine hurricaine winds. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a relatively uneventful season.

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