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May 31, 2006


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WOW. Just ... WOW .... that must feel so great to look at and to know how hard you worked at it to get it there ...

Way to go ... now, what's for dinner ...chicken ...? (g)


I'm impressed! You have a designer kitchen and it's just gorgeous. What a difference! And that garbage can really need to patent that idea! Awesome!
It all looks just super and I can only imagine how much you're enjoying it. I'm bringing the wine to go with that or white?


PS....All your hard work getting this here for us to share is appreciated. Now go take another nap.


Nice to see the bananas in a prominent place. Priorities are important.

My guess about those holes is that some kind of joiner or peg goes in them so that the cabinets are pulled snugly together and so that they align evenly in the front. (Do I get points for trying?)


Laura it's beautiful!! Congratulations to you and Rick for doing such great work.


Phewwwie! You have gotta be SO glad to be nearing the end - and it's beautiful! You'll be showing everyone your drawers (haha) for years to come! ;)



Actually, the upper cabinets look wonderful without doors. If you had some dowels to put in vertically to align plates on their edges and display them when not in use, that would rock. Just a thought.


WOW!! amazing transformation. Good for you!!! Well worth the wait and the work I'd say :)


Thanks everyone!

Nils.. dinner is a can of Bud.. tastes great, less filling! ;)

Terri, either Red OR White... bring your hub and pets and we'll toast to good times! LOL

and by the way, I sat down to watch the news after dinner last night, and *poof* slept till 8 p.m! boy, that felt great. Unfortunately, I was still so tired that I went to bed at 9:30. Felt a LOT better this morning!

Pablo, excellent guess, although the holes have to do with air... ;)
and the bananas are gone, would you believe it? Monkeys run rampant around these parts.

Poopie.. thanks ;) You... of all people, know the value of this type of work for sure.
(Folks, Poopie has been remodeling her kitchen and bathrooms by herself and the transformation is amazing. I have really enjoyed reading about it. She has tackled these major projects on her own and has done an awesome job.)

Leanne, I just might start up a whole other naked drawer blog...LOL.

Addison, actually, that is also a great idea for some of the cabinets that I'd like to have installed in the family room, just opposite the kitchen counter, where the bar is. I've been going over that idea repeatedly and I think you just sparked another plan for that wall. Thanks.

Sue, Thanks....verrrry much!


WOW! WOW, WOW, WOW! This looks so friggen fantastic! I love it! The drawer/cabinet idea is fantastic! No bending over to peer into the back of that dark bottom cabinet! I'm going to file some of these ideas away for my kitchen!


Oh, boy, am I impressed (and envious). You are so lucky to have a man who can do that kind of work. It looks great and I know you will now be turning out some seriously gormet meals (won't you???).

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