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May 01, 2006


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Wow. Great Shot.


We think a lot alike! Just the other day I was talking to a friend of mine about bird legs and how tiny they are - wondering in amazement at how those little legs can hold up such a plump little body.

old horsetail snake

This reminds me of an old joke:


"Who? Your feet don't grip a tree branch."


William, thanks :)

Leanne, exactly. All I could think of was that these tiny legs were just holding on....and what a weight they carry. The owner of the legs is just spectacular. I'll post that picture soon.

Hoss, orange you glad I got the shot? lol. (ok, shoot me.. quick).


That's an excellent shot! Well done.


Anyone who's ever been accused of having bird legs can relate!


Wonderful picture!


Wow ... between that and the new masthead ... gorgeous. What a talent ...


I love how you focused on the bird's legs and didn't try to get the whole bird into the shot. But even still...the masthead with the dogs is the winner for me. My own goldens would be so jealous if I showed them.

Sandy of AIP

What a great shot!


Thanks everyone. :)

Crackers... uh, I actually have bird legs, so I could really identify with this lil' guy. LOL!

The Masthead is from a scanned photo that I took of our two dogs in the 1980's. I used vintage Kodak Film! It was taken on St. Augustine Beach.


Coinkydink at my site regarding vintage Kodak film and the 80's today...oh, and a meme for you.


I love the new look!

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