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May 07, 2006


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Bitch | Lab

Loved the ref to the variety of scents on a night out for the kids. Perfect. (And the shoe thing? I've seen that happen before.)


Working with, and raising 3 of that age group...I am not surprised at all about the shoeless kid. They are funny creatures, these larval humans.

Your site had been so slow to load that I would click on it and go get a fresh glass of ice tea or go scratch Flounder behind the ears, and then come back to check your post.

It's much faster now, but it was worth the wait then too.

Abandoned in Pasadena

I just don't know what to comment on first...I have uncontrollable laughter and it's hard to type from the floor...I kid you not!

The shoe thing...I can relate.

Why don't they have good desserts at Chinese food places? And what they do have isn't that great...I guess that's why they're not overweight.

And, when you're through with that paint gun, I would like to borrow it for our pesky mocking bird. Get red paint, so he's easy to spot.

I read the "attack of the giant sunflowers" and I cracked up...I'm going to have to search your archives on rainy days when I need a good laugh.

Nils Ling

... woodpecker ...


I also loved The Family Stone and no matter how hard I try to not like Diane Keaton, I can't help but want to take her out for coffee and pie :)

I'm not much good on side dish recipes. I usually just open a pack of instant mashed potatoes lol


ROTFLMFAO @ "forgotten shoes"!!!!

Hey, if your going to buy a paint gun, wanna come paint on my house??? Lots of eye candy here (geographical silly) and a laugh a minute and lots of Buffle-nudges. Just sayin'! :)


Who forgets to put on shoes? I mean, I've left the house in my slippers, but at least I had something on my feet!

I'm not familiar with the mockingbird issue...


The site takes a good while to load for me (I'm on Broadband).

Too funny about the shoes; sounds like some of my granddaughters.


Hi Laura, Forgetting of the shoes cracked me up. I once lost my shoes after resting in a park in Washington DC. I had to go into the museums etc BAREFOOT. I was mortified. No shoe stores anywhere around.

Thanks for the movie reviews. It's Family Stone next weekend~

PS it does take some time to load the masthead, but the text came okay.


I've been roasting veggies a lot lately. Yummy. And yes, your site has been lagging a lot the past week or so.


There's something from that is causing the load delay. (I couldn't figure it out, so I asked an expert.) :D

Old Horsetail Snake

Thanks for the movie reviews. I won't go see any of them. But I would take a Krispy Kreme.

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