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May 21, 2006


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You sure brought back memories of when my kids were teens and all the catastrophes that befall new drivers. And I agree...why can't people be nicer to those kids?
Glad the tire situation got solved and in a more inexpensive way.
Buddy sounds adorable! What a sweet and highly intelligent dog! I hope he gets extra treats all day for this remarkable feat.


ah yes the teenage driving years. Yes I remember when i rolled my first vehicle.
~michele sent me

running out of gas in teh middle of an intersection. CLASSIC!


I know exactly what you mean about teens and driving. I never realized how much you can worry as a parent. Basically, kids are expensive and teens are...outrageous!

Your dog sounds like mine. I know exactly when she's done something wrong because she won't look me in the eye. She's SO perceptive. Amazing.

Here via Michele's. I'll definitely stop by again!


Buddy is one smart dog! I had one for 15 years who decided that my dining room floor was her toilet and I could never convince her otherwise.

Re your comment: no, mr. kenju does not have a blog....LOL


Laura, I forgot to tell you that I have not had a problem with the pop-up ads on the Miriam-Webster site. My broadband is pretty good about blocking all of them.


My dog Roxy hates Buddy. Not that she's ever met him, but when I tell her that I know of a dog who can let his own damn self out without bothering anybody, and why can't SHE learn to do that, if she refuses to learn how to use and flush the toilet .. well, she just gets this look in her eye that says "If this Buddy character and I ever cross paths, I am not going to sniff his ass, I'm going to tear him a new one."


Welllllll Nils, I suggest Roxy stick to digging holes in the ground for all the trees she thinks you have on order at the nursery. rofl!

Kenju, alrighty. it must be the popup blocker on my end. that site really bugs me!

Welcome Karen! I'll head over to your site as well. ;)

Reflekshins, "first time" you rolled your vehicle? Hope that's the last, LOL.

Terri, I had roast beef in the fridge,gave him a few slices of that. I'm terrible,huh. ;)


Whew! This has been the weekend! Still scary when they are stranded for any reason in this day and age. How did our parents stand it without cell phones?

The Buddy story is amazing! What an Einstein hound. Extra gravy for that pup!


Oh, yeah, the first time I locked myself out of the pick-up, I thought my dad was going to be so mad. All he did was come unlock the door, then got back into the car he came in without saying a word and drove off.

and Cracker, I have to tell what my dad did about 4 daughters. In those days, there was a pay phone on just about every corner. Dad always said we could call him anytime and he would come help us, no questions (until later, at least).
As one of the signs that he cared, he would asked as we were leaving if we had a dime for the phone. This got shortened down to "a Dime?" after awhile. I can remember putting a dime into my sock and leaving my purse in the trunk of the car for certain parties.
Well anyway, after years of this, my sister caught on that the only time Dad asked about the dime to make a call was when he had his suspicions about the fella taking one of us on the date.
We joked about it for years. We could tell a viewpoint because of the back-up plan.
In fact, I believe a dime was tucked into Dad's pocket just as the casket was closed, cuz we want him to call us sometimes.


Diane, that was beautiful!!! I'm going to remember this one. Thanks for sharing this memory with us.


I just visited my mom down in Alabama for Mothers Day. As she drove me around my old haunts, she was not shy about saying ..."and here's where I came to bring you gasoline...and here's where your father came to change the tire, and..."

Your post brings back the feeling of being both on both sides of this matter of early driving catastrophes!


Beautiful story from Diane. From the time they were old enough to giggle at their silly Dad, the last words I said to my girls when they left to go anywhere (pre-school, grade 4, high school, dates, wherver) was "Drive carefully". Obviously, a kid of six isn't going to drive carefully, so really it was just one more way I had of saying "I love you" (I'm always looking for new ways).

As they got older, "Drive carefully" became our "thing". When my older daughter moved out, and into her own apartment, I said that to her as we closed the trunk on the last load of her stuff. She said what she always said: "OK, I will."

Translation: "I love you." "And I love you, too."


I can't even imagine the worry a parent must have for their teens when they leave the house at ANY time much less when they drive. You have ONE smart buddy boy oh boy :)


WOW! I'm very impressed by Buddy! That's an excellent trick, and I hope he repeats it if need be.

Sounds like those emergencies have been pretty minor (knock on wood). Bad things happen in threes. Maybe you're done!


Thanks, you folks are so sweet.
There may come a time when I will write some more Dad stories over at my place. Maybe I just needed a bit of deja vu to get me started.
~~love and Huggs, Diane


That was a nice memory Mrs DoF!

I heard a tale once of a father who gave his daughter a dime for the pay phones. Only, he instructed his daughter to hold it between her knees when riding in the car with her date. If the knees came apart for any reason, she was to use the dime to call home.



I can only imagine the sheer terror if her car pulled that 'outagas' stunt in an intersection on US19! I avoid that road if at all possible! It is evil. ; )

Poor Buddy. Smart pup! Nice story.



Benning, you're right about US19. If she had called from an intersection there, I might have called in the troops to stop the traffic!

They're building overpasses on it now, which is supposed to help aleviate the traffic situation. "supposed to". we'll see, huh?

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