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May 04, 2006


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These photos are just wonderful -- you certainly have talent -- thanks so much for sharing with us :) The only thing I have been able to see up close near my house lately are a triplet of turkey vulture that while I find them beautiful in flight -- not so much in sitting position :)

Florida Cracker

Hey those are great! Thanks for playing of the more pleasant meme's I thought.

Your shrike pictures are killer!

Abandoned in Pasadena

Your birds were lovely and I especially liked Elmer, who decided to build his own sandcastle.


My mom has a ton of birds in her backyard. A few herons even because they like to steal the koi from her pond. Love these photos, especially so close to Mother's Day beacuse they remind me of her.


Wow! Those are amazing pics! I love your Yellow Crowned Night Heron. He's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these with us!


That's a great set of photos!


Beautiful pics, as always. I love your keen eye ...


Thanks everyone.. glad you liked them. :)

That'll be all the birds for awhile. I'm not a birder and I think i'll go back to photographing my cats instead. hehehhehe


what wonderful photos. I especially like the one with the bug in its beak.

I think you need to try your hand at these more often. nice job

Here from Michele's


Your bird shots are beautiful, Laura! I love the species you get to see, I would really enjoy being able to see them every day. Tropical birds beat sparrows any day!

I will try to get ten new shots, it may take a week or two! (nudge me if I look like I've forgotten, would you?) ;D

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