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May 29, 2006


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Things sure sound hectic at your house. Hope you get the boat situation sorted out and don't forget to tell us about the "friggin bank."
Oh....and don't forget to keep taking some very deep breaths!


I was wondering about your three feet of counter space.


Pablo, the kitchen pictures will be up tomorrow and hopefully will show how I managed to cook on 3 ft of counter space for the past few months. LOL.

Thanks Terri, I was actually a little out of breath after I finished this post. I have got to stop writing so late at night because I don't edit well enough in those late, late hours....after 9p.m. LOL!

Old Horsetail Snake

Boy, Laura, this is newsy as all get-out. Lots of fun (and not fun) things happening in your life.

Eventually, it will all get sorted out -- so you can start over.


Whew! You really did it right this time. This is a blog and a half! Sorry about some things and glad about others; you decide which.....LOL


Kenju, probably the grammar, I'm most sorry about that. Nils is all upset about my blatant abuse of apostrophes. ;)

Hoss, thanks. this is why I don't always get a post a day up on the site! lol


I read as much as I could ... but it got too tiring and I had to take a nap halfway through. Hearing about all that work is exhausting.

I guess it was just lucky the rusted corssmembers didn't give way when you were driving to or from the boat launch. Wouldn't THAT be fun?


And it is true that I am a stickler when it comes to apostrophe abuse. I get much more corss about it than I should, given how I spell crossmember! LOL


hope YOU had a nice nap!!! Or at least a great golf game today....

I had to ask Rick several times what the "rust things" were called.


Gosh, on further review, shouldn't this entry be entitled "Well, It's Three Step Forward and Two Steps Back" ...? (ducking)


sonuvabtch!!! Nils, i'm just going to send the blog to you to edit from now on.


No, no ... too many jerks out there nitpicking from the cheap seats. I'll stay safely here ... (g)


Oh, and I think "sonuvabtch" is spelled wrong. Or maybe all the people who call me that are mispronouncing it.

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