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June 10, 2006


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Woohoo ... deja great view of the ibises. Or is that ibi? Anyway, good shooting by Britt!


That was pretty funny.


Hey those are neat!
Catchin' up since I haven't been out to SEA for a couple of days.
Good job on the pics.


Terrific shots! I see a professional photographer in your family.
Loved the pictures.


That shot of the ibises taking off is really spectacular. Nice one.

Sandy of AIP

WOW! Those are great pictures. There are ibis in the western part of the state, but not here in the eastern part of Kentucky. I have to say it again...You took some fabulous pictures!!!

jennifer Jordan

WOnderful pictures. I miss the Tampa Area more than what I thought. We are now in the phanhandle and I hate it. I am ready to move back down south. I love your site.


Hahahaha, funny!

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