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June 12, 2006


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Ah!!!! The birth of a new season! Hope this season is a light one.

Ahem...there a RA meeting tonight - thought you'd like to know ;)


Be safe ... lots of people worry about you, darlin ... even if we're not nearby ;)

Ocean Lady

That is great that you all are getting the rain at least! My friend Rebecca used to live in Winter Haven; she now lives in Deltona. I'll have to check out the link to check. :)

old horsetail snake

Uh, keep your powder dry (??).


You stay safe down there in Tampa Bay, Laura. As for us on the island, they're saying possible 11 ft. storm surges tomorrow. I'm afraid our downtown area will sustain some heavy flooding.
But, as you said, we sure DO need this rain! And I love turning off the a/c, opening all the doors and windows and enjoying this wonderful breeze off the Gulf.


Here's hoping you stay just wet and not windy!


I always worry about ya'll down there. Stay safe.


Waiting on Alberto here, enjoy the rain.


Stay safe...I have a sister in Niceville...maybe I should give her a call!

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