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June 13, 2006


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I went out once on a lobster boat. It wasn't even much of a foul day - a little wind, some intermittent rain, a few swells.

Thought I was gonna DIE.

What these men and women do to put food on our table - the risks they take, the hardships they endure ... ought to make us all humble.

Sandy of AIP

You are so funny Laura...I hope you get your trailer from FEMA. *LOL* NOT!


I always think it strange that we go to the moon but haven't studied parts of our own planet. But then a mystery is a mystery (the ocean). I'm glad everyone survived the storm!


What a GREAT post! Especially since my husband has also been watching the Deadliest Catch series from the beginning. AND yes, I got hooked, especially since I adore crab! I may have missed a few episodes, but you captured it so well here, Laura. I watched last night and had tears when those guys finally arrived back home on the season finale.
What a horrific job they have. I never realized how bad it could get and lemme tell ya, the next time that "I'm" savoring that wonderful King Crab, my thoughts will go to the brave men that provided it for me.
Well done, Laura. Oh.....and best of luck on that trailer. If that doesn't pan out....I'm sure there's a lot of surplus tents around.


I'll be contacting FEMA about my claim. The storm forced me to watch "Behind the Music: Nick Lachey.''


A FEMA trailer? Bwahahahahahaha!

I met several seamen who work the crab boats in the Bering that port here. Scary stuff - some pretty greusome!


Lemme know if you find that FEMA trailer ;)


Deadliest Catch rocks! Although I have to admit, I've never been seized by the urge to cook those guys a casserole.

(I like Dirty Jobs too! What a hoot.)

Not that it was lacking, but I have a renewed respect for those who work the sea.

Hope that FEMA trailer comes through for ya. We had a limb down in the yard so I think that qualifies us for a FEMA plasma tv.


I love The Deadliest Catch! It's a great show. Those guys have cajones!


I LOVE Deadliest Catch -- inasmuch as it is about crabbin' I saw so much "we gotta work together to get stuff accomplished" -- I pretty much liked all those guys including SIG who comes off like a jerk but I find quite amusing LOL. You sustained a bit of damage BUT -- you have a beautiful kitchen!! See I am always looking on the bright side :)


I am thinking of contacting Fema for a nice BMW since the storm sent heavy gusts of wind here and we had a lot of leaves on our old Mercury. It is a 1995 with 23,207 miles so I think FEMA should provide us with a new car. Not that there is anything wrong with our car. it still looks good and drives perfectly, but we can keep it for a second car. Plus I think Fema should pay the insurance for the car they provide for us. Unfortunately, we do not know anyone who works for FEMA so we might have a problem getting our bogus claim paid.
I do think that broken gate should qualify for a nice travel trailer.
Gotta tell Dad about the Deadliest Catch. I never heard of it. He would enjoy it when there is no football, baseball, basketball or golf game on.

Old Horsetail Snake

If you are still in Florida, you don't qualify for FEMA's help. They only help those who had to move, or who would like to move, or who are thinking about moving to someplace in Hawaii.


Love that show! What I cannot believe is that crab is so cheap compared to what they have to go through to get it!! I used to complain that King Crab was $16.95 a pound and now...........not so much.

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