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June 12, 2006


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Stay safe!


Keen to see the beach pics, but only if you can go there and take them safely. No grabbing either end of downed power lines and saying "Wonder what would happen if I touched these together?" I've seen that in cartoons, and it's not pretty. Wouldn't wanna see you get frizzled. Frazzled is bad enough ;)


Cedar Key reporting in here....all is fine on our island. Lots and lots of rain, very heavy wind, flooding with the high tide....but this evening, we're all bidding a happy farewell to Alberto!'d come up here and rescue me by boat, Laura? Now that's a NICE person. And I'll remember that until December 1.
Glad you fared okay too...saw a barge crashed into the Gandy down there on the News.


We're good. I wound up playing Mr.Mom since her role was more important than my volunteering in such a mild storm.
Glad y'all are okay.

I suppose we'll all have to go back to remodeling now that the excitement is over...

...hey, what's that over by the Antilles?

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