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June 24, 2006


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I can SO relate to the neglected, starving, ready-to-go-on-strike cats! Mine really gets my attention in the morning...rubs against the night table lamp, JUST enough to ALMOST knock it over and really get me awake to feed him. And at 17 pounds, he could easily knock the lamp over...but he knows it's annoying enough to just keep rubbing against it and that'll get mom outta bed pretty fast. Who ever said cats were dumb?
Looking forward to the upcoming kitchen photos. And I can only imagine HOW happy you'll be to have this project completed. I only had tile put throughout the house and it drove me crazy! Hang in there.


Our cats have taken to coming into our room and watching "cat TV" - that is, sitting in the window, watching what goes on outside the screen, and providing colour commentary. It is immensely annoying, particularly at 6AM. They were apparently peeved that nobody would change the channel.

First coat of varnish on the floors last night ... woke up this morning ... and it's amazing how many pet hairs you can miss, even on your hands and knees with a hand vac and damp rag. So, many of these hairs will live trhough eternity as part of a hardwood floor, and some time in the future an archaeologist will look through the remnants of our house and say "Ahhh .. and they were slobs, too."

Old Horsetail Snake

I am tuned. Also hungry. When's dinner?


"his" kitchen project?

Our Lhasa wakes Jack up sniffing in his ear. He never wakes me up. Our Beagle used to wake me up pulling on the quilt. She left plenty of holes in it. The cat just curls up next to my stomach and goes to sleep. But when I get up he nips my ankle, rubs it, walks in front of me so I can trip, brushes his face on the can so I spill some when trying to put it in his dish.. That is when I wonder why I have a cat.

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