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June 02, 2006


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Bahahahaaa! I love that face, that "get. out. of here with that thing." face.

I wish I could stretch like that. ;)


I can stretch like that. I just have to STAY like that after the stretch, though.

Lessee ... morbidly obese goldfish ... chubby cats ... a dog on a special diet ...

Am I the only one who sees a pattern? Laura's pets have it better than most humans. (g)

And it's only a "stoop" if we don't feel uplifted afterwards.


Fat cats are cool. I've got one that could be his twin!


haha. Ya gotta love Zoey!! Hes such a goofy cat! =]

Old Horsetail Snake

Just because your cats can't walk doesn't mean they are overweight....


Fat cat!!!! Bwahahaha! That's a priceless set!

WoW! Amazing work you are doing on the kitchen. Tell me, did you order all the cabinet shells special or are they stock? I'm beginning research on the cabinets now - of course that's AFTER I exploded the kitchen. Nothing like disarray to keep you motivated!

OH! How come Rick's sitting in the chair watching YOU work? Hmmmm?


Seamus, Rick built ALL of the cabinets, did the tile work and rebuilt the new wall. He's a natural born professional. I just helped. ;)

And we both had a good laugh over your last comment. He was just tired at the time and was taking a break. ;)

Mitey Mite

My cats were off their feed for a few weeks, so I have been working at fattening them up. Did you know cats can hear a four-pack of wet cat food being opened? And all these years I thought they only heard can openers!

I'm very impressed with your kitchen remodel. Mine will start soon -- I only hope I do half as well as you.

Michele sent me.


These cats are not nearly as fast as some I've seen. Very funny post though. Cat yoga, LOL! Particularly by catblog standards.


Back to see you again (had to go feed the cats in the meantime.)


What sweet puddytats!!!
I bet you $5 that this isn't the last time you cat blog!!! Not that we mind of course!

Michele sent me.


Fat cats rock!
Here via Michele.


Feline/Canine? My Feather is the bowl cleaner at our house and she shows it in her Rubenesque figure.


Yeah, our Vet put the two felines on a diet. He even gave me the correct size plastic scoop to use for the dry food.
No more than that in each bowl, and only twice a day.
No matter how underfoot they are when I'm getting chicken ready for the casserole.
This is the same Vet we've had for years and years--our sons were in college classes at the same time.
The critters lost some weight, then learned they can augment intake by bringing in mice and baby bunnies and leaving a half of each on the back porch.
But at least they are chasing prey and getting exercise.


I had a friend with a fat white cat. So large, in fact, that it's fur turned purple on the belly from dragging on the carpet all day.


(Thanks for the visit. I'm not from Miami... It's just a nickname my friends dubbed me with 10 years ago.)


Oh, they are sooooo cute! I know it isn't good for them, but I love fat cats! Mine are too fat as well, and I dread taking them to the vet this summer because they will surely dress me down.


I'm with Kenju...I loves me some fat cats! Your kitties are adorable and so limber!



Not much else to say. lol

Lucy Stern

Zoey does a terrific job of washing you pet dishes. I don't think you will need to put them in the sink and wash them again. Our cat Bubba is an eater too, she will meow until you feed her. You have pretty kitties.

Abandoned in Pasadena

My cats are all big boned...except for one :)

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