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June 11, 2006


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Sounds like we are kindred spirits...I have a shelf full of Princess Dianna newspapers, magazines and books...and in my purse is the Splenda and lipsticks...only thing is I carry Tylenol as taking Advil makes my lips swell and I get big red hives...ewwwwwwwwww...I know...I did not have to share that did I?


What? What's Ben Stein got to do with it?


You come so prepared! I'm guessing Buddy is a dog? I have shells in my car too and I don't even live near the beach! Okay and who's Ben Stein.

It's a fun meme. You can tell a lot about a person by what's in their closet etc!


1. Diet Pepsi (WITH LIME!)
2. Killer garlic spread
3. 3 heads romaine lettuce (soon to tbe 2 - Caesar salad tonight!)
4. 4 different kinds of cheese (parm; old cheddar; VERY old cheddar; mozz.)
5. Clamato juice (different Caesars)

1. New suit
2. Cubby full of rugby shirts
3. Box full of movies
4. Basket stuffed with recent receipts and other things emptied from pockets
5. Half-full laundry basket


1. Cell phone charger
2. Wet Naps
3. Golf clubs/shoes/umbrella
4. Binoculars
5. At least a dozen road maps from across Canada and US


1. Golf tees
2. Golf green repair tool
3. Utility knife
4. Keys
5. Cell phone

Now .. ask me five thigns that are on my MIND, and I'd have trouble ... (g)


1. 3 bottles of beer
2. Grovestand OJ
3. Leftover Cuban black beans/yellow rice.
4. Smuckers natural peanut butter
5. Homegrown tomatoes and bell peppers

1. Small arsenal
2. CERT search and rescue back pack ready to go.
3. Hurricane/Disaster food locker.
4. Books on every facet of home remodeling.
5. A small cardboard box full of the kids baby teeth.

1. Extra pair of over 40 reading specs.
2. 8 Jimmy Buffet CD's, 1 ZZTOP
3. ComeALong Jack
4. Deepwoods Off
5. Nikon camera with 300mm lens

1. Florida drivers license
2. Florida concealed weapon license
3. Debit card with magnetic strip worn thin.
4. Kids pictures
5. Florida State Parks annual pass


Money?? I did this meme weeks ago, and no one mentioned money....




Whoa Tammy, I'd stay away from Advil too! I don't think it was too much info at all... got to be lots of people out there with the same problem! Welcome aboard, too. ;)

Kenju, LOL! Locally, they used to have billboards on the highways that said "Win Ben Steins Money!" I had no idea who he was and found out it was a TV show. Never watched it, but the phrase just stuck in my head like a bad recording, over and over and over...

Colleen, yes, Buddy is our good ol doggie, one of the family for sure. Sure can tell a lot about a person by their closet. Nils, for example, is really into movies and golf. LOL!

Nils, is that the same garlic spread from your infamous garlic bread recipe? How long does it keep? Your ceasar salad recipe is legendary!
And I'm not touching the mind issue... have hard enough keeping my own thoughts on track.

FC, Cuban black beans...yumm. Had some last week at Chili's.
Smuckers all natural peanut butter is one of my favorites. I usually drain the oil off, stir, add splenda and chill. I keep it refrigerated like it spread on sliced apples. Samantha and I are really into peanut butter. LOL!
CERT.. are you part of the search and rescue teams that go out after a disaster?

CQ, don't worry, I may have made that up.. ;) LOL


How much splenda in that peanut butter?? This sounds good.


Hi ya Laura! :)

1. Buffledog's allergy vaccine
2. 3 1/2 bottles of Perrier
3. 2 sun-chokes
4. 1/2 jar of Kalamata olives
5. red curry paste

1. a "Thumper"
2. antique mandolin
3. grandmother's broken Queen Anne Chair
4. Carton of mom's art books
5. favorite pair of climbing slippers

1. Buffledog's dog ramp
2. dog bed
3. dead flashlight (can I have your batteries?)
4. guide book: Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest by Marjorie Gersh-Young
5. tripod

1. Costco card
2. REI membership card
3. $6
4. secret phone number
5. The Naturist Society membership card

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