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June 06, 2006


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The site loaded instantly ...

Love the pics, especially the one with the green background, which almost looks like a studio shot. And good for Britt for rescuing your pest control measure!


Great Pictures! Good Momma Bird!

Our now deceased cat, Leica, always wore a collar with bell, yet unfortunately, still managed to get birds. She learned to hold her head and shoulder 'just so' then pounced.
A Great Gray Hunter is what she was.

Darn old grubworms. They took out our ferns during the drought of 1988-89, so I know what you are up against. The wet of 1993 seemed to get them to go away again.
Good Luck with the battles.
Nature has a way of getting even, no matter how powerful our efforts.


Loading report: Yesterday it did sort of a 85% load until I gave up. Today, I clicked, walked into the kitchen for some more Cheezits and you were fully loaded. Cool.

Be careful about the momma bird being off the nest. I still carry photographer guilt for a whole nest of redwing blackbird nestlings that expired in the time it took for me to get a close up of them in the nest while the parent bird hovered nearby. A few minutes in the sun and they were dead. Not a proud moment for me...

As for keeping a collar on a cat...I believe a nailgun will do the trick.
Just kidding...honest, no, really I am.


Now we have to stop doing this, you know.

I have been scouring the internet to find the identity of a bird I just met, and I'll give you one guess about the kind of bird it ended up being.

I'm totally enamored with them! Their calls, their appearance, they are really interesting, and I wish I got the pleasure of seeing them around our area! (Sssh, we're not near our area right now.)

Wonderful images of a beautiful bird. One day earlier, and you could have saved me the trouble of using this @#$% laptop to figure it out. ;)



Wonderful pictures! What a lovely bird.


I once went outside and my yard was covered with spoonsize scooped out holes all over. I had never seen anything like it. They didn't go deep. I consulted Fragment Fred the biology guy and he thought they were from skunks! Skunks eating grubs, which I never knew I had.

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