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June 10, 2006


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When you write about the heat, I can feel the sweat. THAT is writing.

Sara Sue

I had to take my bra off when I read this...I could feel it!! Brilliant!
Thanks for letting me link your site to mine, you rock!


Hey ... I took my bra off, too.


It was like that here today too, and when I was in the church to deliver the wedding flowers, the temp in the sanctuary was 83* and rising. It was stifling!


"Summer in Florida is not for wimps..."

You got that in one. ;)

Worse than summer in SoFl is one in Houston... I can vividly remember days of 110 degree heat, with the humidity leveled off at 90%... you couldn't breathe...!


Don't you know it. I was mowing in it (push...not riding) and it took more than a little Irish Spring to freshen me up.

Tropical relief is on the way tho!!! :)


I know the feelin' girlfriend, and I'm pretty wimpy about it!


Oh, I so agree with you. But...I still say it's worth it for the winter's we have down here.
And today...what a great relief due to Alberto. Just hope he doesn't get too carried away.


Yuck. It's hot here. Damn hot. Humid, but not that humid. It just makes you feel gross!

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