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June 23, 2006


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Man ... that is just gouging with a capital G. The owners of the companies probably don't even bother with insurance on their waterfront homes because " ... whatever, it blows down, I'll take the money from petty cash to fix it. Damage is $50,000, you say? That's 25 families like Laura and Rick."


This comes under the heading of "There oughta be a law". :(


That just stinks - I hate that they're allowed to rip people off like that. Sure they've paid out a lot in claims, but honestly, why don't they have a special policy for those that don't FILE claims? It's the same for auto insurance. Rates go up every year, but what do the folks with no accidents or tickets get? Bah.

Price gauging is against the law, but it'd take a class action lawsuit to get them to stop doing that crap.

I switched auto insurance companies because they paid on a claim after I had told them that the damage was under $100. They totaled the other car - and it was a fender bender. My rates went up and I was ticked, they shouldn't have done that. They work for ME, kwim?

I'd be calling them, and also calling around for rates from other companies.

Sara Sue

Yikes! Wonder what your rates would look like if you had filed a claim!
Speaking of sinkholes, fourth paragraph..

Old Horsetail Snake

No, see, Montana (and Oregon and Washington and Idaho) do not have tornado insurance on grounds that we do not get any tornadoes. You also cannot sell ice boxes to eskimos.


Insurance is such a racket. They will soak up payments year after year and then punish you when you finally do need to access YOUR money. Insane.


There are people here still trying to get their claims settled so they can get the repairs done. Some Insurance companies gave the money to the mortgage companies to hold until the damage was repaired.. So people pay out of their pockets or take out loans to repair damages, then try to get the money from their insurance companies who are making interest on the money they are holding.
Yep. there ought to be a law, but with the companies funding the campaigns who really thinks there will be any changes?


A friend who lives in the Tampa area said way too many people are having to sell (or try to) and move away because they either cannot get or cannot afford insurance anymore. It is terrible what those companies are doing to people. What the hell have you been paying all those premiums for anyway??!!


Kenju, that's exactly what is happening in our area. Many houses that are for sale linger on the market too long because insurance coverage is hard to find. Not only is it rare to find a company that will insure you, but the companies that will give you coverage typically charge outrageous premiums.

Adding to that are our property taxes, which, in Pinellas County, are EXORBITANT.

If we could simply drop our company and shop around for a better deal, we would. But we can't find a single company that will insure us except for Citizens. We don't want them, so we're sticking to our current company for the time being.


Gosh, your insurance sounds excessively high. I mean, gee, we're on an island here and our homeowners is around $1100. We don't, THANK GOD, need flood insurance because we're 22 ft. elevation.
We do, however, have wind insurance to the tune of around $1400 per year. I'm thinking you're not waterfront, so that price you're paying does seem very high. We have Nature Coast Insurance in Chiefland.


I should get me bill for next year within the next few days and I am holding my breath. Last year it only want up about a hundred bucks and went up about the same the year before.

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