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June 21, 2006


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Brilliant! And yes, if you could copy Pollock's signature and slip this into an auction, I betcha you'd end up with enough to cover the house with a plexiglas dome every time a hurricane came along!


Nils, I was actually thinking of ebay. I'm almost sure there's a relgious face buried emerged somewhere in that plywood. I'm getting awfully tired of having them pop toast every morning to check for faces....


Excellent! Wonderful! A clever idea and a good chance for the girls to be creative. You must be the best mom ever!


That is WAY too cool!! :D


Wow! Talk about creativity! This is great and what a wonderful project for the girls. You'll be the envy of your neighborhood during hurricane season. Makes the rest of us look so bland.


However, this does NOT make me wish we had hurricanes in the Midwest so I could have these nice window panels.


Next time you come I will have paint ready so Brit can paint our boards. Pretty pictures, please.


Come on Pablo, live dangerously! ;) (j/k)

The Midwest seems to get a lot of flood and tornado activity, if I'm not mistaken. Scary stuff!

Pam and Terri, thanks! I just hope we make it through the season without actually having to use them, Lol.

Mom, if Kevin has any leftover paints, send it over and we'll use it on the boards when we come back over there!


We had so much fun doing that.
And there's one mistake you made in the writing=]
We only filled the balloons with paint and air.
There was NO water involved=D


Good picture taking=D

Old Horsetail Snake

So, what is the top bid?


How very cool! Now I'll be able to look for your house on the news!


Wonderful! Okay- now I need to come down just to see these panels! Thede have such great mojo they will surely divert any really bad weather.
Keep posting subsequent panels, please.


SO Jackson Pollock!!!!!!!!! I love this idea! We used to paint Smiley/frowny faces on ours when we lived in Florida! :)


That painting speaks to me. It says:
"Here are two creative normal kids having real fun outside and behind them are two parents who are doing the right stuff"

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