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June 01, 2006


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Too Love all the comments.
By the that kitty really for sale for $1.00?
Hmmm, now if I could get him to wake up one hour later, we might have a sale.


Hahahaha Perfect .. LOVE the annotated photos ... yet another brilliant way to tell a story ...


So many of your woes look so familiar to me. I remodeled a kitchen back in my St. Louis life, and by that I mean I tore it up and made a mess and then hired a guy to fix it for me. How I remember those days (with a shudder).


I agree that the bar top needs to be a bit lower. If you need a tie-breaker, you can use my vote. ;)


Lass, it may come to that! He thinks it looks fine, but everytime I walk in the house, I think..."too big"!

Whoa Pablo, I hope this post isn't going to give you nightmares!

Nils, I just might quit writing and stick to photo stories instead. ;)

Terri.. actually, he's only for sale in the mornings, right after he wakes me up. After I have had my second cup of coffee, I usually decide to keep him after all. He's 13 years old, after all.

Old Horsetail Snake

I just KNEW the cat wasn't coming post-paid.

Glad to see you are keeping the husband busy (guessing?).


Guess that means you don't want a kitten, huh?


Finally! Your site loaded in a flash. Yesteday I could have mowed the 10 acres with the push mower before it would load. Weird.

I am tired from laughing through this entire must read Handyman the funny captions.

Incredible work you two are doing. What a project. Gotta go now, I've got stair treads to install.


Ok, that is really bugging me.
I resize photos to 640 before uploading them to the site so that it won't be a slow loading site for anyone.
If this happens again, drop me an email! I'm going to contact Typepad and ask for their suggestions to make the site load more quickly.


Loads right away for me - and it always has, with the proviso that we should expect pics to load a little more deliberately. I wonder sometimes if it's not the pitcher but the catcher ... how fast a site loads isn't always about the site, but about the connections, what kind of traffic is trundling down your particular offramp on the turnpike, all those things. So don't get yer knickers in a knot till the complaints mount up.


hmm, that is true, Nils. A jam caused by traffic backing up at the on and off ramp can definitely slow down the speed of traffic on the highway itself, LOL..
(and yes, this applies to DRIVING as well as internet speeds). ;)

In any event, please let me know if it's a repeat occurence or a one time event! Thanks FC.


For your bar, consider less overhang on the countertop side and maybe some corbels for support from these people:
FWIW - standard height for a bar is 42" AFF.


example of corbels over bead board (before the bolt hole putty was stained)

Abandoned in Pasadena

Laura...if we expect to see pictures of course your site will take longer to load...but it wasn't but a few more seconds. Have you considered just cutting down the number of days that can be viewed on your site instead. When I have a lot of pictures I limit it to back 3 days. The slow loaders might just have a slow connection too. You can't please everyone.

You two have certainly done a terrific job with the's quite a project and looks very good.
Love the For Sale kitty. I have one that wakes me up like that too and wants out.

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