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June 13, 2006


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The clarity of the storm's aftermath can be truly amazing.
We were on Seven Mile Beach in the Caymans when Frederick slapped us overnight - went from a pristine beach the night before to a complete and total disaster by next morning - tour boats washed ashore and filled with sand and water, etc., etc. However the sky was so clear blue and the sun so bright it made for an interesting day of photo studies in contrast!
Glad you've survived unscathed. :)


I love the compact, chalky feel of sugar beach sand after a hard rain.


Heeheehee sand boogers ...

I LOVE the beach when the waves are up ... so majestic ...

... and the clean smell afterwards ... mmmmm.


Glad you guys made it through with minimal damage. Inches to spare huh? Terrifying and thrilling at the same time.


So glad to know you had no damage. You should have walked backwards on the beach...LOL

old horsetail snake

One down, 27 to go? Or thereabouts, I guess. Good luck, Laura.


Glad all is well there, Laura. And like us Floridians say....till the next time. Hey, goes with the territory and I still say it beats a New England


What will the Tampa Bay area ever do if a hurricane does strike? So many areas flood with just a little bit of rain. I'm glad we missed major stuff though.

Sandy of AIP

I'm glad you didn't sustain much damage and that you are ok. It must have been fun walking on the beach with all that wind...I really miss the beach. I think I'll try to talk my husband into heading for a beach, any beach. You made me really homesick describing your walk on the beach.

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