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July 25, 2006


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Wow ... cabin looks great! And what a ham Britt is in that pic! Wherever does she get THAT from? The Leader of the Paint People?

tammy Kentucky Gal

Too many beans on those burritos eh ;-D
I loved the picture of you and the don't look much older that them...hiss-hiss!
Beautiful cabin...I would wanna stay all summer if it was me.
I spoke of you comment on one of my posts today if you feel like dropping by later...

Sara Sue

Looks like a wonderful trip, I can almost smell them thar mountains! I'm glad you're home, I miss yer bloggage!


Great place did rick find a good deal in real estate there? I'd love to spend the summer there.

Old Horsetail Snake

Now Laura, you KNOW not to take pictures INTO the sun. You don't? Oh....


Great pics! Hope you're having a wonderful time!! :)


Oh wow! That looks amazing! I'm putting that on the list for our next family trip!


Ick, Hoss.. hub took that picture. LOL! In his defense, he normally does take great pictures.
Took me a few minutes to darken and highlight that one, however. hehehhe!

Lass, I can send you all kinds of info about it. Also check out Gatlinburg and the Pigeon Forge area through Google. There's a lot to do there and we might go there next July instead. The fall would also be a GREAT time to go up there.

Pam, we're home again *sigh*. what i'd give to go back!

Mom, he brought home a bunch of catalogs and is still going over the ads, still trying to come up with a way to do it. Actually talks about selling his boat, which is unheard of.

SaraSooo, At least YOU missed me. can't say the same for your friend, Mr. HalfaTruth, over in Canada. ;) LOL...

Nils, gee, I don't know where she gets it from? hmmmmm. My kids seem to have this displaced gene...

Tammy, I could have stayed there all summer too, if we could afford it. It was really good to get out of here for a change.

I loved your latest post, Thanks for the linkage! I went to your site, wrote another commment and lost it. arggh! My back button didnt save the comment, as usually happens. I'll go back in awhile and post it again. Just have to go out right now. soon!


Welcome home, Laura. Really enjoyed reading the posts about your vacation. Sounds like everyone had a great time, including Good Dog Buddy.
What a gorgeous place you rented. Have a feeling you might be signing on the dotted line soon for real estate in that area.


It is nice in those Georgia mountains but not all that many good fishing holes. I like it up around the Lake Fontana area in N Carolina. Same pretty views with a lot of lakes

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