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July 14, 2006


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Great tip on the burglars. Of course, I live in a place so small that when the cops come, they say "Can you describe your assailant?"

"Yeah ... it was Dwayne from down the road."

"Oh, hell, he must've been drunk again. We'll go talk to him."

"He stole my car!"

"Yeah, I heard the battery died on his truck. Want us to drive yours back here for ya?"

I AM impressed that you were almost all packed with a day to spare. But be forewarned: today, at some point, you will be doing something mindless, all smug about how ready you are, when suddenly your eyes will pop open and you'll go "Oh, CRAP ... I forgot ..."

But it's OK. Take it from a frequent traveller. Those of us who spend a big chunk of our lives on the road have mastered the phrase: "If I forgot to pack it, I can buy it when I get there."

Works for everything except kids and spouses, and let's be honest: if you forgot THEM, you really didn't want to have them along anyway. (g)

Sara Sue

Have a wonderful vacation!!

Old Horsetail Snake

THIS is a great picture, so I will sit and slaver till you post more.


Wow. I don't think I've ever been ready to go before departure day. And I always have errands to run the morning of. Never fails.



Doesn't EVERYONE get some kind of Jinx before leaving on a vacation? I thought it happened to everyone that's why I never freaked when it happened to I have to wonder if I am the jinx LOL....I love the one about your mom -- my mom said if she didn't see me in a couple of years that would be okay...heck people I see a few times a year don't recognize me -- I like to keep everyone on their toes :)


Have fun!!!


Welp, I said 80% packed. Just found about 30 more things to do.
I hate packing.

Nils, your comments never fail to crack me up. "Dwayne from down the road" LOL! That one has all the makings of a good sitcom.

Still thinking about your suggestion of tying the kids to the roof. I just might, and Buddy can sit up front.

Sara and Tammy, thanks.. can't believe we're going at all, actually.

Hoss, I think you are the original stalker. ;)

Sue, about the jinx, it's not you. Really. It's Other People that cause it. Really.

Lass, hell, I eve stunned myself. It's rare that I get this much done before we leave. Still a lot to do, but I got the bulk of it done earlier. I think this is the first time EVER. LOL


Vacation? What's a vacation?????


I LOVE that idea to hit the panic button! I hit mine accidentally today (for the first time) and almost had a heart attack at the noise - and until I found out how to stop it (put the key in the ignition and start the engine). That would surely scare a robber away, wouldn't it?!


I confess, my first thought at the sight of that photo was that it was your daughter.
...still can't tell.

Have a great mountain visit!


Have a great trip. And come back safe, with stories to tell.


I'm cracking up over your "Mom" quote!!!

Love the mirror pic - hope your vacation is wonderful! :)

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