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July 23, 2006


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tammy Ky Gal

Wow...thanks so much for sharing these pictures...I've no plans to go anywhere on vacation this summer so it helps me to look at everyone else's pics...I love the aquariums and you made really good pictures of it all!!


Why are all those people trying to call the whale on their phones? Don't they know whales prefer text messaging?

Loved the pics ... if there are no crowds around, bring in a well-designed aquarium can be such a serene, restful experience ...


I wanted to go there the first time I read about it, and you have just renewed that interest. Thanks for all the good pics!

Old Horsetail Snake

Terrific, Laura. Thanks a whole bunch. Great pix, you clever little thing.


Great photos. I love aquariums, too, but I don't think they have one near me now. Oh well, I'll settle for the mountains. ;)

Sandy of AIP

WOW... what an impressive display of pictures! It makes me want to visit the aquarium, on a weekday of course. You have really outdone yourself with all these pictures.

I will probably wait to go to the aquarium once school has started back and on a weekday.


Beautiful shots and great triptips. AAA could use you!

I love aquariums and agree with you on the dolphin show types...they just don't feel right anymore.
Pretty incredible that they have whale sharks in captivity. I had no idea that they were possible to keep in captivity.


great shots. I like most aquariums although I was never to crazy about seeing bottlenosed porpoises and whales in captivity..but then again..for every porpoise in captivity that is just one that will not be chasing the fish away from my boat..


I love aquariums. Being in a land-locked area, we don't get to see this kind of wildlife too often. For a brief period in high school, I wanted to be a marine biologist. But I was scared of diving more than 10 feet! And being surrounded by that much water. If only the fish weren't so deep!


Laura, I came over here from Nils' blog. I love the aquarium pics -- The circus and I went to the Tampa Aquarium a year or two ago, and were impressed with it. It wasn't too crowded and all the littler kids were trying to "Find Nemo". :)


Hi Kelli, Welcome! I haven't been to the aquarium in Tampa in a few years. They were near bankruptcy for awhile and I think they're still trying to find ways to keep it afloat financially.

(Oh Gawd, I love that pun). Glad you liked these pictures, I'll bet your kids will really like the Atlanta aquarium as well. If you get a chance to see it through your kids eyes, it'll be a real trip. ;)

Lass, yeah.. those fish are a real pain about deep sea diving, LOL ;) Come to Fla and we'll take you out to some of the aquariums here. :)

GuyK makes a point some of you might not know about! Dolphin are known to cruise behind the fishing boats and steal the bait off their rods. Beautiful animals, but that's really frusturating for the fisherman.

FC, Their captivity has raised some controversy among the enviromental groups who feel they can't survive long in captivity. I was glad to hear the staff at Mote Marine is working along with the Georgia crew. That should help ensure their health over the long run. It will be interesting to see how this works out. The whales were destined for slaughter in Taiwan, so I guess it's a worthwhile risk... at least in my opinion.

FTS, you never know. The Denver aquarium just might be the next possiblity. Although it begs the question.. do they really need one? I think not.

Sandy, I think you'll love it. You'll have a field day with that camera of yours! ;)

Hoss, LOL, thanks you. you always crack me up!

Kenju, thanks. I'd wait till after school starts again, however. The crowds were something else.

Nils, they were voting, of course. Seacrest was stuck in the tank and was begging to be let out....

Tammy, thank you!!

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