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July 22, 2006


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Welcome Home, friend!!
about the churches...very few Baptist Churches here in Ohio...mostly Lutheran...guess that is why I get away with the cussin'...lmbo!!!
When I lived in Texas they had good peaches in the Hill Country too!!
I hate day we are gonna get on a plane...I've never been on one but it can't be any worse than traffic jams right??
Have a good day unpacking and getting caught up on the!!!


The best parts of every vacation I ever had was planning it and coming home.

And I would rather listen to a drunk whore house piano player than drive in Atlanta..any time. Damn near as bad as I 275 in Tampa near the old malfunction juction


Oh .. you've been gone? Hadn't really noticed. Ah, well ... welcome home. ;)

Sara Sue

I noticed...and I missed ya! Can't wait for the pictures and to watch you and Nils comment on each other's blogs again!

Welcome home Laura's Family!


Thank you for counting those 1st Baptist Churhes. That eases my mind to know that we're all being saved ;)


Glad you're back.
Where at in NGA mountains?

Blue Ridge? My brother in law has a cabin there and we run up to see snow sometimes.

Thanks for the ice cream tip.

Old Horsetail Snake

Sensational blogs: 1 (by Laura, of Vitamin Sea)

Sandy of AIP

I didn't know that there were so many Baptist churches in Atlanta & surrounding area.


Baptists. They're everywhere.


I went on vacation 2 weeks ago with my boys, all through Georgia, Tennesse, NE Alabama and ended up buying an acre of land in NE Alabama. (I didn't blog that...) I love it up there.

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