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July 06, 2006


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The smaller bottles - the regular ones, work well for drinking water on hot days. I throw one in my golf bag frozen solid ... and by the fifth or sixth hole when I need a swig, enough has melted to quench my thirst. A few holes later, more cold water. By the 18th hole - three hours or so later - the bottle is almost completely melted and I've had cold water to drink through my round and enough to splash on my neck for a quick cool-down.


Great advice, and while they're in the home freezer, it's not working so hard to keep the temp below freezing.


My sweetthing uses milk jugs for this type of ice and she has a stainless steel pan that she freezes block ice in..make about five pound blocks. We keep at least a hundred pounds of ice in the freezer during the summer and fall. The block ice can be wrapped in newspaper and stored one on the top of the other in the freezer. And the side benifit of keeping Ice in the freezer is that the freezer doesn't have to work as hard and saves on the electric bill.

A couple of years ago we were without power two different times for five and six days. he ice paid off..we kept most of our frozen food frozen and had plenty to use during the outage..and the block ice is potable.


The next time Dallas gets hit by a hurricane, I'll be prepared.

he he. Teasing. I think this is a great tip that you could use for camping or road trips also.

Old Horsetail Snake

So wait a minute. If you want to use some of it, what do you do then? Turn on the Bunsen Burner?


Good ideas! I keep 5-6 of the smaller bottles frozen all the time. They are great to toss into a cooler when you are going to the grocery store on a boiling hot day. I put the freezer/fridge stuff in there until I get home.


Kenju, that's what I do. The big ones keep the food in the coolers cold much longer. The little ones melt quicker and are not as good for meats and pershibles.

Hoss, then you turn on your WATER, if you have any.. LOL
Or, since it's florida, you just stick the bottle out in the hot sun ;)

Lass, definitely! great for camping and boating, etc etc.

Guy, I like her idea about the block ice. Excellent tip!

FC, you're right about the freezer. this helps keep our freezer temp down so the fridge doesn't have to work as hard to keep it cold.

18 holes Nils, that's a long, HOT day for Florida golfers. Must be nice up there at this time of the year.


Great tip; I'd no idea the Gatorade bottles were thicker! :D

Sandy of AIP

I heard that freezing plastic releases some type of bad chemical into the water that is suspected of causing leukemia.
My boss for years drank water from frozen bottles as it melted and he got leukemia. Of course he drank the frozen melted water from the plastic bottles for about 20 years.

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