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July 28, 2006


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Heeheehee! Brilliant post. I laughed all the way through. And cried for you, too.

Hope your day goes well, darlin ...


oh my my my. Well, think positive! someday in the far far far very distant future it will all be done and your grandkiddies will say how nice the Grands house looks. In the meantime you do have a very nice house. Just sand the damned doors and stop cussing. Don't throw that can at me!
Good and entertaining post as usual

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

wow...I'm speechless...except to say "Hope you have a better day!"


I feel your pain. We'll have done three rooms in one month after this weekend is over. Whew! After that, it's the two biggies left to do...the living room and the kitchen! Then after all that, it'll be floors. For the WHOLE house. DIY!

Sara Sue

"fluxumification" <---brilliant!! Even though I wish your house were complete...I LOVE it when you blog about working with Rick! AND I love the before and after pics...when do we get to see more of those?? Hang in there...this remodeling thang might be what's keeping you so dang young!


Eventually, you will be glad of all the hard work yet to come. Take heart.


Wow, I like fluxumification...I'm gonna save that one! You KNOW I feel your pain with all I've been through with the circa 1918 homestead. Let's just say I've become an expert at living amongst the ruins.


LOL, thanks y'all. Hope you understand that even I see the humor in this. I'm just shaking my fist at the sky is all.
and venting a little on the flip side. ;)


Careful, your karma might just get bested by "hur-i-karma"!

Vacation lag is just the worst isn't it? I feel your remodel pain - in every cell!!! I'll post a pic or our dining/storage room in the next day or two! :)


Less whining, more sanding, is what I say. (g)


oh shutup nils. go back to your amens. lol!!!

sure is, Seamus. you would know! can't wait to see your picts!


Still chuckling Opps! This wasn't meant for humor?
It's a job remodeling....but look on the bright side....some day, eventually,'ll be able to sit back, truly RELAX, and enjoy it all. In the meantime....get to work! (and no thank you, think I'll pass on being an

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