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August 03, 2006


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Old Horsetail Snake

You're funny, Laura. Glad you saved your ass.

I just took up juggling. Did you know old people can't juggle?


Heeheehee ... love the image of you levitating into the boat with the vision of a gator behind you!

I guess I look at most things and think "I could do that." Arrogant, I know. Often, I get proven completely wrong, but sometimes I'm right. But that means I get cheated out of the feeling you describe, the feeling of triumph that comes with mastering something you never thought you could. I'm just naive enough to believe anything is possible.

It's a nice lil fantasy. I think I'll keep it.

Oh, and Lake Erie? September? Pfft. It's as warm as a crowded children's wading pool at high noon on the hottest day of the year when the canteen has been passing out free Koolaid all morning, compared to the Eastern Coast of Nova Scotia.

I jumped into that water, turned to my wife, and she said "Since when do you have three Adam's Apples?"

Sara Sue

One August I was dragged around a lake in Oregon - near Crater Lake - coldest water - including the Pacific Ocean that you speak of - I've EVER been in. I could feel your pain when I read your post, in fact my lip quivered a bit! I didn't learn to ski until they put me in some nice, warm river water and then...ahhhh...what a joy that waterskiing is, eh?


I blindly and naively went into the water of the coast of Vancouver Island (near Tofino on the Pacific side) after watching a bunch of folks frolic in the water for a while. I was already into my waist before the brain finally told me I was walking through liquid ice - WTF??? Fortunately I was able to make it to the hot tub and pruned there for a loooooong time. I still have Fla. blood!

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

Never done any skiing.
I don't like to get into water more than ankle deep if I can't see what might be coming after me...I mastered my weight...for a little while...Lost 68 is trying to come back to me and I keep telling it to go away...dang albatross!!!


I have never tried to ski. See, I knew already that my butt wouldn't get out of the water...LOL

I mastered the art of zip lines in Costa Rica, while trying not to barf and lose my shoes. It turned out to be fun (after the first one) and I didn't want to stop!!


Just those two.
I thought I could do everything else.


I love the banner! So you really are partial to Labs. Thanks for stopping by and I like your spot of the world here too!

I haven't been water skiing in so long I could only imagine the injuries. (I don't know if I could even get up anymore!)


When I really was going out frequently, I was starting to get pretty good, doing some little jumps and taking some chances. I haven't been out in about a year though. I want to get back out there! But biking doesn't involve gators.


Waterskiing looks like awesome fun but hard work and I don't think I'd have the patience for it really...
You're pretty brave to be waterskiing around gators though!
michele sent me today.


I can do some figures on a graphing calculator and earned a B in Intermediate Algebra at the community college last summer.
For my 5th try at college, I finally got some letters to write after my name. Last Spring, I walked across a stage and was handed an Associate of Arts degree in Education.

Although I haven't been on skis in 30 years, getting my butt out of the water came more easily than a 25 page research paper from my brain and typing skills.

Sara Sue

Amen & Congrats, MrsDof!


Thank You, Sara Sue!
I grew up in a town along the Ohio River. The water was fun until the Pike Island Dam was built a few miles upstream. The channel changed, and traffic got a different schedule.
These days, my sister's family takes their boat out to the lake at a state park.
Maybe I'll go out on the water next time I visit.


Diane, that IS impressive! I remember reading about your classes on your blog. Sometimes it was a struggle to get through them but you toughed it out each time. Way to Go!!!

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