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August 27, 2006


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I haven't shared this map with my wife yet this morning. She's in charge of the county shelter system in emergencies and right now she's in the bedroom watching "Breakfast With The Gators" and blissfully unaware that this storm's track is aiming directly for our coast.

I'll let her know ...gently ...after the Gator game is over.


Hunker down girlfriend...and keep the faith!


Yea. What Poopie said. I'm keepin my fingers crossed for y'all.

Sara Sue

My thoughts and prayers are with you, girl! Are you still sick??


FC, good to hear you let her "relax before the storm," so to speak, LOL. I wasn't expecting this turn of events at all!

Poopie and Pam, thank you! We'll be watching the weather closely, that's for sure. Probably praying a lot, too.

Sara, I'm getting better, moving around and doing stuff. Still have a nagging sore throat and headache when the tylenol wears off. No other symptoms of strep though. I'm sort of in rest/move, rest/move mode right now. lol.

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

Wow...I was just commenting to Hubby that there hasn't been that much hurricane activity here it comes!!
Stay safe, my friend!!


Be safe, you ... Funny, I never much cared about hurricanes before. Now I hate the bastards too ...


Well, you have to know I SO agree with you, Laura. Cripe, we didn't need this at ALL. So here's hoping Ernesto will change his course and both Tampa Bay and my little island up here will all be safe and sound.
In the meantime....we wait. I'll be checking in here with you.


I'm hoping and praying it will fizzle out. I have so many friends in FL and I don't know how any of you can live with the almost constant threat.


I'm hoping for a fizzle, too. Fingers crossed!


Here's a Hex on Ernesto. fft, fft, fft! Stay dry!





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