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August 24, 2006


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So fun to tell those stories over and over and over and over again isn't it? lol
I'm always telling the one about my sister who had a "pet" terrapin (caught while trying to cross the about a life-altering experience!) and she kept poking her index finger to his mouth and we all kept saying STOOOOPPPPP he'll bite! but she didn't stop and he bit her finger nearly off.

Yep, I love stories like that :)

Loved your husband's space suit idea !!


I remember being suntanned and wet from the pool and warm and loose and then BAM! Bee sting. Stupid Florida with its stupid bugs. Did you know bleach is good for stings?


I'd say, well at least Alex ended up happy in this story, but that'd be bad karma, and a bee would sting me, so I'll just hush :-)

tammy~Kentucky Gal

funny, just the other night I saw a documentary on bees...did you know there is a doctor that keeps them in his office and cures anything from headaches to arthritis with a bee sting? He will hold it with tweezers right next to the spot that hurts and the little devil will sting...he said there are powerful healing properties in bee venom...go figure!


I hate it when something comes along and hurts "our babies" and we can't do anything (or do anything fast enough) to stop it.


My parents have stories they tell over again and again about my brother and me. Now that they are older, sometimes my brother and I switch starring roles, but it has BEEN awhile since we were kids, so it's understandable.


When Brittany was about three or so you all were here. She had recently been stung on the foot by a bee lurking in the grass waiting for her bare foot. You had to fight her to get the stinger out. It was all healed by the time you got here, but you went shopping and bought her a shirt which had a picture of a bee over some flowers, completely forgetting the bee sting incident. she looked at it and screamed,"bee" " bee" the only way you could calm her down was to take that shirt back right away Yeah, they really hurt when they sting. Last time I got stung I could hardly breath properly for a a half hour or so.


ooh, ouch! But hey, she'll never let one just sit on her hand again. I got stung by a wasp once and that definitely left a mark!


VARMITS - they are just VARMITS!!!!
When we had our x-mas tree farm it was a fight all the time with the bees, wasps and hornets! Slice into a hornets nest while trimming a tree and the next few moments are almost cartoon-like - swarm relentlessly chasing you through the rows of trees.

I do not like them in a box.
I do not like them with a fox.
I do not like them in a house.
I do not like them with a mouse.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like the wasps and bees.
I do not like them, Seamus-I-be


I do not like bees or any other stinging insect for that matter. I've been stung by a giant bumble bee, three wasps and a hornet. Not fun. I hate getting stung.


My favourite thing was "Just don't provoke the bees (or wasps. or hornets.)." Like we're supposed to know what p*sses them off. For all I know, they hate guys with beards.

So I'm with you. I don't like bees around me, not one little bit. But that said, I do love my honey.

So the bees can stay. But wasps and hornets? Bah. Pass the Raid.


I absolutely hate bees...Especially when they're after my children!


Deb, I'll bet your sister has never lived that story down!

Gypsy, bleach? no, I hadn't ever heard that one. talk about a way to disinfect it too, lol. I'll have to read up on it, thanks for the tip.

Janet, you know...I may have jinxed myself just writing this story ...hmmmm.

Tammy, I haven't heard that either but I suppose it's entirely plausible! Is he one of those cheap HMO doctors? LOL j/k.

Kelli, exactly. It's almost harder on us to hear them cry than it is for them to do the crying from the pain. almost.

FC, my hub's grandmother does that. It's interesting to hear her tell a story, only to hear another person's name be used instead, LOL

Mom, I think that might have been Jessica, or some other little girl? Britt has only been stung once and none of us remember that story happening at all.

Katherine, they do hurt. I sat on a wasp once, it was on the driver's seat in the car. not sure WHY it was there but man, it stung like crazy.

Seamus, I never even thought about Christmas trees as attracting them. Damm! that must have made it really hard to prune or cut them down each year.
and your version of Suess just cracks me up, LOL...

Lass, holy smokes! Uou going for some kind of record? LOL.. daym.. and ouch!

Nils, if they're going after your beard, you need to keep the honey off it. .. lol

Mrs Goldbloom, I'm gonna send you that spacesuit.


Poor baby! and I know what you mean about repeating family stories. Ours are so often told that we have numbered them.....(not really, but we threated to number them).


Oh I can see that flea market so vividly...we have them to but our vendors aren't as tan...but they chain smoke and are wrinkly still!

Poor baby....Bees are awful this year...well wasps, hornets, whatever. Bees covers them all!

Sara Sue

"Florida Trash Markets" LMBO!! Mind if I steal that from Mom??


Really great story, Laura. Glad you shared it with us and told it again.
Nasty creatures, those bees. And I almost hate to say this...for fear of jinxing myself...but I have never, nope never, been stung by a bee.
Gee, could it have to do with the fact that I go beserk crazy when one comes within 5 miles of me? Hmmmm.......


I'm alergic to honey bees, but the rest of the stinging creatures just hurt a lot and I just get minor swelling. I forgot all about getting an eppi pen til I read your bee post.

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