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August 05, 2006


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You so need a spa visit after this remodeling. And a bowl of ice cream. And a footrub from Rick. He doesn't need eyes for a proper footrub by the way.

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

roflmbo...ain't that just like a man???
hope you have a better day today dear Laura!!!


I'm so sorry about your hand, I know how much that hurts. Keep an ice pack on it, and take an aleve before bed - that works for me, anyway.

Did you end up going with a creamy color? I bet it looks beautiful.


Whine, whine. whine. Wear gloves, ya girlie-girl. (ducking)

Can't wait to see pic(t)s of all this ... and you can even include your grotesquely disfigured hands with their teeny boo-boos.


I do believe this qualifies you for combat benefits. ie: one week at that spa in Safety Harbor (can't remember the name of it)


you should have grabbed a bowl of ice cream and joined him. If he isn't slaving you should not slave. And their is nothing like ice cream to make the world look better.
soak your splinter,put bandaid on the boo boo rub on baby oil on your hands. and hurry and finish the bed room and kitchen cause we are going to journey your way to see them when they are finished and you can't press us into slave labor as you offered to do to guests in an earlier post. . (just kidding)

Sara Sue

OUCHIE!! Dang...listen to Nils! "Can't wait to see pic(t)s of all this ... and you can even include your grotesquely disfigured hands with their teeny boo-boos." Apparently, Rick isn't the only one who like to relish in your pain!!

Umm...I'd like to see pics too, please!


I'll have the picTs up soon, maybe tomorrow? I'm painting the trim , doors and baseboards today. That's the grunge work.

Had to do a lot of sanding and patching with the spackle. Vacuumed the basebords to get all the dirt up. Washed down the doors. I'm going to do an experimental paint treatment on the ceiling fans. If it doesn't work, we'll buy another one. I hope it works!.

I'm waiting for the spackle to dry right now so I can sand it and then paint it. I took some picTs this morning, but my camera lens are acting up. The camera wouldn't focus half the time, so something is up.

Rick spent the morning working on Samantha's front brakes, so he's beat.

On the plus side, i'm melting hot wax. GUESS WHY?


Great post hon'. I wish I had a space to paint - I live in the world's smallest flat in London. If I wanted to paint it, it would take about an hour I think.

So Michelle told me I should check out your site, and I'm glad I did. Can't wait for the pic's.


Ice that hand, and next time, glove. Heavy leather work gloves. As for your husband, a cat 0 nine tails might help that itchy back.

Here from Michele


Too funny...not your pain, ...your writing.
Too weird too...Not 2 hours ago I was sanding some door jamb boards for Jr's bedroom and you and your zillion cabinets to sand crossed my in, "I wonder if they've finished sanding all those cabinets"

You may need to wrap that hand around a cold beer to soothe it.


Margalit has the right idea. Get a cat-o-nine-tails for his back - and USE it!

Put your hand in ice and drink 3-4 margaritas - that oughta do it!

Sara Sue

Oh diggity!! Now we're talkin'! Cats-o-nine-tails and mixed drinks!! Weee!!

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