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August 16, 2006


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Probably for the "no snow" factor. I hear it's a real bitch. Except I live in Texas. We have roaches too, and I've seen news reports about a few gators in local lakes. And the heat sucks the breath out of your body and beats you over the head with it. Montana is the #1 state on my list!


If those canyons were just filled with salt water...


Funny you should mention Dakota....I was getting my dental cleaning last week and noticed a spectacular framed photo on the counter in the room of Mount Rushmore. Seems my hygenist had just returned from a vacation there the previous week. So guess somebody does visit sure is gorgeous country! BUT move there? Ah, no thanks. Think I'll stay put on my little island.


And apparently Florida has lots of angry people:


Maaayybe, though, those pictures aren't of a Dakota at all! Maybe Dakota stole those pics from Arizona or Montana. ;)


Gypsy, holy SMOKES!! I'm putting that one on my number one reason for the people to stay out of Florida.
On the other hand, if they're all coming in from other states and countries, maybe they're bringing that anger with them? Or are the people from Up North bickering with the non resident Aliens from the South American Countries? hmmmm, maybe conflict was inevitable.
Meanwhile, all the native Floridians are fleeing to North Carolina.

Kelli, I thought the same thing at first. The pictures did look more like Montana and Sedona. AZ.

Terri, FC and Lass, (nod, nod)... absolutely right, all of you. LOL


Well, ya know that Sturgis is biker Mecca and it's in Dakota..

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