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August 06, 2006


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Tammy~Kentucky Gal

I've never been sailing, sounds like fun!
as for what I think about when I do tedious work...anymore it is what I'm going to blog about!


"Or what do you think about when you're doing the mundane stuff like painting? "

Mostly I think about how I can get out of doing anymore painting.


I've been "boating" but not sailing. I enjoyed the fishing after a while, but the Mississippi River IS muddy, and it also is a bit smelly, like catfish. LOL

As for painting, it's not so mundane to me, and I get to experience beautiful, peaceful, calming things while I have a brush in my hand. Speaking of which, I am hoping to do that today. (I keep saying hoping, because my kids and my puppy keep changing my mind for me.)


My father in law bought a dinghy which he would sail outside his cottage on Lake Winnipeg. That's the enormous lake you wee smack dab in the middle of Canada - an inland sea, really. Being on the prairies, the winds have been zooming across from the Rocky Mountains with nothing to block their path taller than a gopher mound - so it can get pretty breezy.

He was, to be kind, an inexpert sailor; self-taught and stubborn and impatient (and are there three less desirable qualities in a skipper?).

He took my wife (his daughter) out one day in a heavy chop. He was in over his head (literally AND figuratively)within minutes of leaving our shallow bay. But he'd be damned if he'd let something like waves breaking over the bow, winds bending the mast, and snapping lines deter him from having a good time.

He decided that the way to smooth out the voyage would be to come abount and run with the wind. So he hauled the rudder over, the little dighy turned on a dime ... and he slid right off the back like he'd been launched.

They were quite a ways out - I hadn't witnessed this unfolding. It was my mother-in-law who said "Weren't there two of them in that damn boat when they left the shore?" I got the binoculars out and trained them on the boat to see my wife clinging to the mast and no sign at all of my FIL.

I pushed the motor boat off the beach, climbed in, and scooted the mile or so out to where the dinghy was bobbing around (she'd had the presence of mind to drop the sail). I said "Where's your Dad?" on the theory that since it was a small boat, she might have a clue. She pointed out to the vast expanse of water and shrugged. "Is he wearing his lifejacket?" I asked, knowing the answer. She held it up for me.

I towed the sailboat back, wondering how long it might take for the dumb guy to wash up on shore ... a week? Or by the end of the weekend ...? Cause I had work on Monday.

As we approached the beach, there was her father, plodding along, muttering to himself. He'd made the swim a mile to shore through high chop.

He had a hard time after that getting anyone to sail with him.


While in college, I was offered a summer job teaching swimming and sailing in a summer camp. The only problem was I had never been on a sail boat. I asked around to find someone who could and would teach me to sail. One boy offered to take me out on his family boat that weekend as the family already planned an outing.
Their "boat" was bigger than most houses. It had a captain who was supposed to give me instructions. I had a great time sailing, but learned not a thing. I had to decline the job.
In today's paper I read of boating blunders. One common one seemed to be that the boater would mistakenly fill the fishing rod holder with gas. One man pumped the fishing rod holder with 77 gallons of gas filling the holder and the inside of the boat. So he put $256 of gas in the fishing rod holder and then had to fork over another $256 to fill the gas tank. (after he spent two days cleaning up the gas he spilled all over the boat). Guess they are not sail boats???? I think I will save that two full pages of boating blunders for Rick to enjoy.

Plutos the Bubbleman

Everyone should try sailing twice.
I say twice, because the sport has such contrast that to make a snap desicion on one bad day is a true loss.

I have the pleasure in my spare time to volunteer for a small group that teaches children to sail & teaches adults to teach children to sail. Introducing a child to the sport is wonderful. To see teamwork, communication, confidence, commen sence & skill build in a child is fantastic. Sailing offers it all from the fun of going out for a bimble to the chess on water against the elements that is full blown racing
I come accross many over and over again sailing.

Can you tell i'm bias ?

You ask me what I think about when I'm painting (varnishing), I think about sailng.
What do I think about when Im sailing, nothing and every thing around, you get lost in the moments.


I've never been sailing, but what I think about is, when can we go riding? I'm obsessed with riding for now.

I looked at all of your remodeling guys are really working hard.


Now Leanne, that's not a fair comparision, as you are a bonafide artis, whereas I am a tedious painter laborer. LOL;)

Nils, that story is fantastic. Hilarious too, "... cause I had to work on Monday." !!!!

Mom, whoa... He must have had the plug in the bottom, preventing him from seeing the gas trickle out. Good thing nobody had a cigarrette!
I'll tell Rick about this one.

Hiya Plutos, and welcome! I'll bet the kids have a great time out there on water when you're teaching them. I drive past the Clearwater sailing academy on Sand Key almost on a daily basis, and from the bridge I can see a fleet of small white sails, where they're teaching the little ones to sail. Very cool!


First, excellent work. The door is beautiful and I know how challenging they are.

My mind races when I am painting. I usually plot a few novels and solve most of the world's problems, but by the time I'm finished cleaning rollers and's all gone.

"nautical wheelers"
...Buffet reference #1082.


Heh, heh, heh! They say the same thing about moiuntain climbing: hours of tetdium followed by moments of sheer terror! ;)

Painting looks wonderful! Need some additional work? :)


hi, michelle sent me.

my dad and his best friend co-owned a hobie cat for a while - i think i was about 10 when they had it. i was on it when it capsized - oh my. but it was always SO rockin' cool when it would go practically vertical (i think that was called "flying the hull"). thanks for reminding me of that time. it was really fun, albeit a little scary.

and the pictures of your paint job look loverly.


that room looks lovely!

congrats on being Michele's site of the day!


Congrats on being Michele's SOTD! I am married to a passionate hobby sailor...we've had sailing boats for years, not at the moment because of lack of time and money. I have had many happy moments, sea-sick moments and scary ones, too. It's not my kind of a perfect holiday, but I see a sailing boat in the future... Have a wonderful day, your home looks wonderful!


That's a lovely soothing wall colour. Michele sent me.


Laura, congrats on beings Michele's site of the day! I love the colorrs you chose for the room.

My sailing story: I think I may have written about this before. We were in a group of 8 that chartered a 42'sail boat in Hilton Head for the day. I turned green even before the boat left the harbor and had to spend the remainer of the trip flat on my back so I wouldn't barf. Not the most boating fun I've ever had.....LOL


I've been on Catamarans in the islands. I find it very relaxing as I am doing none of the work. Michele sent me. Good luck with the painting.


FC, we Buffet enthusiasts are nothing if we can't slide a Buffettism in there once in a while. ;)

Seamus, additional work? I'm not answering that. I'd thwap you upside da head for even mentioning it! ;) LOl

Welcome Michele's readers!

Kristen, that's one of those moments when the boat goes suddenly goes airborne and you're thinking, "whoa!" Very cool, gets a little scary also. Fun stuff!:)

barbie2b, Thanks :)

I get seasick also, as Mar mentioned. I also found that going down below to the cabin makes ya even sicker!

Hi Catherine, and Thanks as well. :)

Kenju, I've had days like that on our boat. Days when i'm so green, I can't wait to get OFF it. lol.

Sandy J

Very nice paint job! Um, I have a couple of rooms here...

Just kidding!

Michele sent me.


Painting is such a great way to get a new look, and it doesn't even break the bank! Great job. Here from Michele's!

Sara Sue

The room looks great...I LOVE the door and colors.

Sailing is fun...but you can't ski behind the boat so...

Congrats on the SOTD!

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