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August 26, 2006


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wow! PRetty color of blue.
Welcome to the hunt.

Mine is up!


Hey there,'s AUGUST. You're not supposed to be sick in August! Not in Florida. It's against the Sunshine State rules. Oh, you didn't know that?
DO feel better very soon!
Loved your "blue" shot.

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

I love me some "bluejects"!!!

Mysterious Lady

Is that a paperweight? Very nice!

Happy Saturday!


Wow! That is really cool! :) My photo is up


You just overdid yourself, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! thumbs up!


I have the same paperweight - except mine is a blue flower with green at the bottom!

I love cobalt also, and have some bottle or something that color in my window sills.


Very very nice. Pretty blue pieces! I really like the front piece. Very nice photo! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend!


Sorry you feel bad. I hope the family is spoiling you and recovery is quick!


Nice Pic Laura. I'm sick too. I'm hoping it's not strep throat, but it's sure feeling like it.


What a cool blue object! Hope you post your others sometime soon...I love to take a look at them.

froggie mama

Bummer that you're sick! Hope you get better soon!!

I love all of your blue objects! Very cool! :)

Your header is awesome though! I wish I was in that chair right now! I like your blog! It's fun & cheery in here!


Very nice collection.... I love tinted glass. I've actually debated collecting some, but All I need is more stuff to gather dust.


I love glass pieces like that. They're incredible to look at, frozen fluid.

I hope you're feeling better!


Sorry you're feeling sick as a dog, darlin'. When my dog gets ssick, she just horks on the rug, sniffs it, then carries on as usual. I hope you bounce back that quickly. And if you can manage to make it outside before you hork, there's probably a biscuit in it for ya ... (g)

Feel better, Laura ...

Oh, and I love the blues ... what a nice eye you have ...


That's pretty cool lookin' - I love all things blue. Hope you feel better soon.


I enjoyed this task so much! All the beautiful blues :-) Love your window...and hope you stay safe!

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