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August 17, 2006


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Sara Sue

LMBO! Your cats are too much, Laura! I love that pic on the fence...looks like he just stopped for a second to see if he's far enough away! Great post!


Sara, ;)
want a cat? I'll ship one to ya. :))))

How's the site loading up? slowly or rapid quick?.... anyone?




Love your cat photo. My fish pond in New Port Richey was in the screened lanai area, so never had a problem.
We're in the process of building one here...out in the the open and with all the wildlife here, I'll be checking back to see if you've found any solutions.


The Heron photo loaded quickly. The cat photo was slow. But I waited. :)

Hmm. Tips for keeping birds out of ponds...a plexiglass cover with holes drilled in the top? I'll send Nick over with our BB gun.


Don't buy more fish? Just a thought. ;P They are gorgeous (the birds). And Percy is hilarous! Intimidating little watchcat you have there.

14 days. 14.

Sara Sue

Site loads great here in CA...and about the cat...I'm allergic (sneeze)!


What is you sprayed a bit of urine from one of their predators? Can birds smell? How about one of those fake owls or hawks? He'd probably laugh at that, tho...

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

how horrible!!!
I hope you figure out a way to eliminate this pest...or at least discourage it from visiting you!!!

Sara Sue

Hey! I just noticed you changed the Header pic! It looks great, Laura!


A neighbor of ours is so kind as to plant a couple hundred trout in his pond every year, keeps the herons coming back for more!


I wish I had advice. Our cats aren't much of hunters, not like my parents' back home at least. Mouse is too fat and Charlie is too skittish. My folks' goldfish pond was permanently protected by their cats, big and muscular. Built like minature tigers, could leap from the ground to the top of the refrigerator, etc.

They brought back a lot of trophies.


Laura...I love the pictures of your cat and I don't blame him...Who wants to get stabbed with that beak!

Try battery operated goldfish...the bird won't like them. *LOL* Or you can use solar powered gold fish that don't require batteries, but they're more expensive.
(I'm not sure if they've been invented yet)hehehe


Guy, that's a terrible thing to say. (I'm thinking about it). ;)

Terri, I should think that living out in Cedar Key, you should get a wide variety of wildlife to your pond. Keep your camera ready!

Lass, send Nick soon, or as soon as he gets that mohawk fixed. I dont want them pulling him over at the airport! LOL

Leanne, 14 days? I'm about to fire off an email to you about that one. LOL

Janet, that's actually a good idea, with the urine. Not sure if the birds can smell. I'm going to look that up. Come to think of it, I'm sure our neighbors would appreciate living downwind from us also. LOL..

Tammy, I've thrown in the towel. THere is No Hope!

Rick, that would make for some excellent photography too.

Tim, mine are fat and muscular. Their legs are big and sturdy but their bellies swing from side to side when they run... like whale blubber.
worst trophy they ever brought me.. a baby rabbit, half alive. That was one awful afternoon. :(

Sandy, solar powered goldfish? hmmmmm. That actually gives me an idea for solar powered moveable type owls that hoot when the bird goes in for the kill, scaring the crap out of him. ahhh, most excellent idea.

Sara, best way to get over your allergies is to confront them... no? ;)
Glad you like the header.. now I've got to resize it again. Apparently it's not web friendly. (grumble).


put a screen over the pond. they come in or green. and put out a sign"please do not eat the fish"
Real good pictures.


Not goldfish.
Bull Shark pups.
Fill pond with salty water, add bull shark pups.
Wait for heron to return.
Have camera ready.

As for your site loading, I clicked on Vitaninsea, walked into the kitchen, and told Katie, "You can have the computer after I make toast and then check on this blog I like to read. It's always slow to load and if it hasn't loaded by the time I butter my toast, you can have the computer."
You made it and she is still waiting.


Okay, typo. I know it's vitaMin sea, not vitaninsea.


Hey Laura- I think you need to tell your cat to wear black socks instead of white-black would match his coat much better and not look so dorky.:)

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