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August 28, 2006


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Tammy~Kentucky Gal aren't supposed to know when someone is doing them...boy...she must have really been putting her all into it!!
TMI has never ever failed in my life when I have a face to face friend, that the converstation will turn to their sex life or lack thereof...don't ask me I don't know why...people just like to tell me these's been a ponder all of my life!!!
So far not a one of my blog pals has pulled a (sex life) TMI unless one the other day that talked of passing wind in public HeeHee!!

Sara Sue

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is so funny!

Yes, I once met a couple who had no problem plugging in tapes of their honeymoon activity. As I said, I met them ONCE!


Yes! Oh lordy, yes. Mostly to do with pregnancy info. Sex info is almost never TMI for me, but I don't want to hear about mucus plugs, thank you very much.


If she was any good at them, you wouldn't have seen her face tense up.


ewwwwww! If it was a really good friend, I would just laugh at, ahem, with her. But if it's just an acquaintance I would have been uncomfortable, too.


I'm wondering if she was doing them to prepare herself for the labor process....or to tighten her bladder because of a fetus pressing on it. Kegels came about from a do just that. Tighten the bladder.
At any rate...I would think she could do them in the privacy of her home. ie: Not exposing you to


You should teach middle schoolers ... they share everything about their parents even as you frantically try and hush them up.

You can't imagine ...

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