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August 18, 2006


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I love snorkeling and haven't done it in a long time. I always love your pics! Being around water must be a great life, I know I would enjoy it.


Itchetucknee, Itchetucknee, Itchetucknee. There. That snorkeling looks awesome!

Down around the Austin/San Marcos area, there's a slow, lazy river, known for it's tubing. The Guadalupe. Haven't been down there in 12 years. And the last time I did go, I almost didn't come back. Alcohol+dumb teen+river water=bad things can happen!


I certainly can pronounce it, but I couldn't spell it, and I've been hearing the word since I was itty bitty.

I haven't been tubing in so, so long.


I said it 3xs but now I have to go to the doc to get my tongue untied! :)

Blue Springs was one of the girl's favorites when they were young.

Happy Weekend Laura!


I have not been in any springs (unfortunately)
but I remember one time we were all at Bathtub beach here in Stuart,snorkeling among the reefs and you were all laughing as I snorkled with a maze of colorful tropical fish following my bright flowered bathing suit. I loved snorkling.


Whew...that was a close one, wasn't it? That's why I love boating off shore here....there's never any other boats out VERY safe!


Thanks to that picture, I'm visualizing snorkeling in that clear, clear water, it's warm and soothing and I'm a million miles away from this hellhole I call work ;-)


I can't even spell it, let alone pronounce it!

I've never really been snorkleing in a beautiful clear spring. I have taken float trips using inner tubes and a small boat. The Licking River was slow moving (in places), but after a rain it swelled it's backs and ran swiftly.


That looks like Larry the Cable Guy on crack in that little boat.


I tubed the Guadalupe in New Braunfels, Texas. A sometimes slow flowing, sometimes white water experience. That count? ;)

The springs look so clear! Sounds like a good weekend trip.


The other side of boating stupidity is the huge amount of drunk boaters out there.

I think I've been in all or most at least, of our major springs.
The clarity of some has changed alot since I was a kid. Newcomers don't notice that since they are still beautiful places, but Crystal river is a good example of a spring that is nothing like it used to be.

Troy is one of my favorites. 70 feet deep bowl and a civil war era shipwreck in the spring run.

I loved Bathtub Beach. We used to take our little ones there. We stayed at the very quaint Hutchinson Island Inn on the beach and Bathtub Beach was where we spent most of our time. Beautiful spot.


Another big factor in boating accidents is alcohol. But I think stupidity causes most of them..

Some years back I was coming into Tarpon Springs in my 33' Silverton at low tide. The channel is narrow to start with and the Silver drew 4'feet of place to go except the channal. The here come a sailboat under sail out the channal taking her half out of the middle. I got over as far as I could without running aground and my mate managed to pus the sail boat off with the boat hook and the drunk at the wheel of the sailboat was screaming at me to get out of his way because he had the right of way...stupid sumbitch..

I reported it to the harbor master but that was about all I could do..

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