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September 10, 2006


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Earthquakes are something you never get used to. Taylor always gets a little nutz when the tremors happen here. Glad it was no worse than it was. Time for a new industry in Florida - earthquake retrofits?


I've felt two, one in Washington(loud bang that woke me up at 2am, but nothing else) and one in San Fran..felt like a really large truck hit the building, lasted maybe two seconds. This one felt like neither. Fiance and I were just talking about our house being haunted(we've recently acquired a couple of pieces of antique furniture and the dog is now staring randomly into empty rooms..silly I know), and like 5 minutes later I'm at my desk and she's laying on the bed in the other room and everything starts moving, first thought ghost, another thought, sinkhole, then jokingly maybe it was an earthquake. It felt here like an unbalanced washing machine on spin cycle. Just for grins I went to USGS and found out it was what we both joked it was.

Sara Sue

I was going to type, "Hurricanes now earthquakes, what's next!?" but I think maybe not. I know some folks in San Francisco that say they're used to quakes...I find that hard to believe. Scary, scary feeling!


I didn't feel a thing.


How weird! They say that there are several faults along the East Coast. Seems like nowhere is exactly "safe" or "perfect"!


Lass, what's really weird is that we just heard there was a 5.0 earthquake in the same area this past February. Now i'm hoping those plates just settle down and stay in the same place for the next 200 years.

Gypsy, this is the one time you're allowed to say... (g)

Sara, if you remember Bev and Steve, they have said much the same thing... that they're almost used to it. I can't imagine.

Seamus, bite your tongue! That's one industry we don't want to see beome common place in florida. Have hard enough time affording the home owners insurance! lol

Ifly, more about that haunted house, please? That's VERY cool!


No confirmation that it's haunted by any means. I think it's more of an active imagination. We rented a house out in Washington 2002-2004 that we were convinced had some restlessness. It was a modular home so you could hear it anytime anyone moved inside, and we often heard footsteps in the hall or in the back of the house. Doors sometimes were open when we knew we closed them. That sort of thing.The next door neighbor passed away under suspicious circumstances shortly after we moved in, so who knows who/what it could have been. Well last summer we bought a 1920s bungalow in Seminole Heights and you know given the experience in Washington we thought ok old house, more history, maybe something came with it more than we saw during the walkthrough. Well, nothing out of the ordinary happened for the first 9 months we'd lived there. Then, at the beginning of summer, we aqcuired a few pieces of antique furniture, history unknown. Well since, nothing definitive, but we've had loud noises that were never there before at odd hours. Gideon, our Corgi sometimes sits at the door of an empty room and stares, or barks and runs away. He's still a puppy, so he might just be goofy like that. I'm still not convinced anything is amiss, but you never know.


we used to get 'em all the time in'd have the rolling kind, the shaking kind, the vibrating kind. It was weird!


Ifly, it must get really Interesting in that house on halloween. Just be careful that the, "being" isn't working on your puppy, getting friendly with the lil dog so it wont bark when the ghost decideds to float around the house without raising suspicion. If you notice milk bones missing, That's a Sign. ;)

Janet, I'm not surprised, given the size of the quakes over there. That must have rattled your nerves something awful.

I'm really making bad puns today, huh.


We had an earthquake once...but just once.

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