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September 15, 2006


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Tiling/Weed Pulling, No! Fishing Excursion, YES!

BTW, how long to you have to be a Vitamin Sea reader to be bestowed the privelege to view the password protected Shell Island and Stanley Cup Parade galleries? I have a picture of me and my friend holding the cup. So there!


I love home remodeling, and can't wait to see your pics. Weeding...Yuck...that's what I'll be doing this weekend too. I also have to trim the bushes and the tree in front of our house.


sounds like fun ;-)

Can't wait to see the photo site!

Old Horsetail Snake

Yule trees are up? Gack, I missed Halloween....


What? No Easter basket displays??

I may go shrimping ... jury is still out.


I'm working this weekend! Want to come help deliver wedding flowers?


You are kidding right? Christmas trees at Lowes already? Summer's not even over yet.

It sounds like your in the home stretch with your kitchen remodeling...Hope everything works out well.

Sara Sue

Oh Laura! I'm excited for you...I too, can't wait to see the pics! It feels like a L O N G time on this it does to you too, huh? I know you've got the next one planned, what's it going to be?

I'll be helping in a friend's garden and cleaning a spa this weekend. Party on Garth!

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

So many people have renovated their kitchens this wonder Lowe's is celebrating Christmas!!
I've heard the red tide smells pretty that so?


I'll be down next week but it will be to work on my own tile. I think I'd rather work on yours- closer to completion! Just here catching up and the place is looking great. I love Ft. DeSoto and I'm so looking forward to joining the ranks of annoying snowbird drivers come January. But as a homeowner, I'm in complete agreement on the condos-thicker than fruit flies down there.


We had granite put down for our countertop in our upstairs bathroom a few years ago and I still love it! Of course I better 'cause it ain't goin' nowhere!


Oh yes, WAY too soon.

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