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September 29, 2006


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I was up early one day this week from the pups and seem to be waking up at the same time since. Actually I am watching the sun rise as I type, which is nice.
Sorry you can't sleep but your sweet doggie can. They are something aren't they?

PS- what an awful, awful story the SOB.


They should be looking for him around the USF area, right Florida Cracker? I'm with ya Laura, Shoot First, Ask Questions Later.


Tony, it's out by Lakeland, further east! There's a large wooded tract where they're hunting for him.

Deanna, I finally got a good 2 hours of sleep, from 6 to 8. whew! I enjoy those early morning hours before the sun rises, just not the 1 a.m to 5 a.m shift!


I know, L. I was being a smarty-pants. Been keepin' a close eye on the story. `


Lord, Lancelot is forever watching the fishing channel!

I'm sorry you couldn't sleep. That's the worst. But I did enjoy your run-through of TV at 5am.


Laura, dogs -- can't live with them, can't live without them. Read my latest saga. As for the sleep apnea, he should be on a CPAP -- best thing I ever did for myself -- not pretty to look at but I sleep well and my partner sleeps much better as well :)


Doh! Buddy...


hahaha loved this post. Damn editing on those fishing shows, eh?

Florida Cracker

That scum is a pile of grey meat now. I knew he wasn't coming out of the woods alive.

Such a senseless waste for the officer and the K-9. It makes me too angry to say any more.

The rest of your post was quite amusing.


One of our cats starts her incessant meowing at 5:30am every morning and my husband now just drops his arm down the side of the bed and the cat rubs itself while he continues to MOST of the time.
Sometimes he just has to get up...the cat just wants HIM up for company.

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