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September 13, 2006


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OMG, that's an AWESOME shot of the heron! And how cool you can see dolphins just swimming around.


What an idiot to go running into the water like that!
Great heron shot against the cloud! :)

Sara Sue

How did I miss this post?? These are amazing shots, Ms. L! Gotta love Florida!


Awesome photos! What a goober party pooper that guy was!


Ft. Desoto is such a beautiful place. Although I did get caught in a riptide there once. Luckily I remembered Mark Larsen from WFLA telling me to swim with the current and I got out of it in about a quarter mile. Still scary though. Dolphins Rock!


Was it raining?


FC, nope...the storm was in the distance. (very astute observation! ) :)

Tony, I still get a thrill everytime I see them in the wild.

Sara, Lass, Janet and Seamus, Thankyouuuuu!


Awesome pictures Laura, but I would have gotten sick eating that Thai peanut chicken pizza. I hope it tasted better than it sounded.

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