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September 29, 2006


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I want to see a pelican!!! I love pelicans :-)


I posted my fall bloomers today, I'll try to get more of the trees before they're bark nekkid.

I just love ocean and beach shots. Sand. Feet in sand. Shells, moist sand with bubbles, lingering foam and seaweed. That kind of thing is always so peaceful and warm to me. :)


I'll be snapping some cool photos from Savannah, GA...Anna Maria Island, FL and the Beaches of South Carolina. As you say, I am taking my breifs and high anus!

Luckily, Wordpress has a nifty little feature so you can write now and post keep checking back!


Oooh! I will do this! Sounds like fun! I've done a little tour of my town before, but I will post the same on my blog today and get requests of what people would like to see in and around Dallas. What fun!


Oh, and I'd like to see a photo of the sun setting over the ocean.

Sara Sue

I'd love to see anything with that amazing water in it, please! I'm going to do this over at my place too!



Yes The sun setting over the ocean, and one of a big conche shell. Oh and if it's not too much trouble an octopus! :P

Laura I'll get some picks of our street with all the trees. I live on a tree lined street and when the leaves turn it is gorgeous! They haven't turned yet so I'll have to think of something else to photograph here in Indiana...maybe Corn?

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

a real dolphin playing in the surf...ahhhhhhh...if you can't get that, just the surf will do...I love beach and ocean scenes!!


Hee -- Can you ask again when it's snowing and 30 below in Chicago? :)

I'd love to do this and I would... if I hadn't broken my camera... waaaaah.

Can you get a picture of something VERY Florida-y? Give me your version of something you think is the epitome of Florida. :)


Ms Janet, The OCTOPUS is OUT! LOL!I have no intention of diving down to look for one, not even for blog fodder. However, if I see a dead one...

oh wait, I just realized I have an octi photo....hmm,this just might work. stay tuned!

Tammi, I've been trying to get the dolphin to hold still for 10 years now. I will keep trying,but I promise you, it will be a miracle. An up close and personal photo of a a dolphin in the wild would be the highlight of my day!

Sara Sue

Having a little glitch over up in a few minutes (I hope!) The other post had to be deleted and i didn't save your comment, L, sorry! Stupid computer!

Florida Cracker

I had an octopus get loose in my gremlin back in college, but I did not get a pic.

Hmmm...any Buddy pic or any fishing pic.

I'm off to St. Auggie for Dad's birthday. Any photo requests?


Laura, I love this idea and I will enjoy seeing whatever you photograph. I am working all weekend, so I won't have time to do it - but maybe later next week, I can.


How about manatee at the power plant? I always wander down to Coffee Pot Bayou on our side when I'm in Florida and sometimes I see a couple but invariably someone else is there and says, "They're all over at the power plant." I just want to know- is there a big gaggle of them or what?

This is a great idea- maybe I will join in on this. I have sparrows here in Chicago- arrghhh. But also some good architecture.


I caught a baby octopus once for my science teacher...he wanted one and I found one in a 3 foot deep pool of water but I didn't have a camera. The teacher had a salt water aquarium he wanted the octopus for. I got an A+ in his class.


Okay Laura I'm game...I'll play!


Sara, no prob! LOL

Kenju, anytime. I know weekends seem to be busy for you. I don't think I'll put a date on this one, just let me know when you're ready to post? NC should be pretty this time of the year.

Sandy... awesome! Where and how did you catch it? I've never come across them while snorkeling, so I don't know how they act when cornered.

FC, St. Augustine is too scenic for words, or just one photo. Take a photo whenever the muse strikes you, we'll take it!

Vicky, If I can get out to the power plant this weekend, I'll definitely get some manatee pics. It would have to be Sunday if I go, because it's a long drive for me from this area. It would be fun to get out of here anyway, so I'll see what I can do.

They're usually at the power plant during the winter because it's warmer there. There's a boardwalk there for viewing the manatees as well,because it's such a popular spot.
I've never seen Chicago, have at it!

Sara Sue

Hey Cracker...I'd like to see the Cathedral Basilica of St.Augustine - you going to be anywhere near there?

Florida Cracker

I'm officially in. Link me up!

St. Auggie scenic it is, and Sara Sue, I got married (and they said it would never happen!) in the Basilica. That one should be no problem!


The next time I am down that way I would like to get some pictures of the overnight charter boat out of John's Pass docking. Sometimes they have a good catch when they go out to the grounds or the elbow

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