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September 29, 2006


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Found my way here from Pure Florida and think this is a great idea and will play along!

I'd enjoy a pretty sunrise pic from the beach if you're up that early with your dog again. ;-)


Laura, Can you take a picture of a dolphin in the ocean for me? Did I mention a Miami Dolphin?


Oh shutup Paul... lol..
Actually, that gives me an idea. I think I just WILL get a 'fins photo. Paybacks ROCK, phred head.

Laura, welcome on board :)

Guy, consider it done. I live near John's Pass, let me see what I can do.

I'm still waiting for the kids to leave so I can get out of here. Have to Drop Britt off at a school thing first.


I would love to join in on this! I'm planning on taking a drive through the beautiful places here next weekend anyway!


I put up some shots from my 'hood. What a great idea, Laura ...


I'd love to join in! I'll post some photos from the edge of the Everglades where I live west of Ft. Lauderdale. I'm a casual reader of your blog that I found through Pure Florida. Nice to see other Florida blogs. :)


I will try to get some fall colors. The maples are just beginning to turn up here in NY

Florida Cracker

Whoa! This thing is growing faster than a Deltona Corp. subdivision!

I'm downloading photos right now and will begin to answer some requests ASAP.


I found your blog through Laura in NJ. What a great idea! I haven't heard of anything like this, but if it's okay, I'd love to join the meme too. I live in central Vermont. :)

As far as your neighborhood--I would love to see a favorite cafe or bakery--somewhere you might recommend a writer could go to spend the afternooon scribbling in her journal.


I'm into this late because I've been a blog slacker, but will work on it during the next week. Great idea!


Mine's up, too. Great idea, Laura!


i was so excited about seeing a pelican picture i forgot to say i'd do this, too!


I miss Florida sometimes - would love to see anything from there. I'd join you but you already know my excuse! Have fun! :)

Ontario Wanderer

Almost all of my blog and flickr photos are of the surrounding countryside but if you or anyone else has a special request, I'd be glad to go out to see what I can do to help.

Sparkling Diamond

Oh! I just spent this past weekend taking numerous pics of our beautiful downtown! (Asheville, NC) So, I will play along! personally, I love any great architectural pics of your area would be lovely!


If you'd like to go on an Everglades airboat ride, check out my page! The pics are up! :)



I'm hoping I can find something exciting here in (still) sunny Sacramento, California. I'll post later this week with the actual photos. :)

This is a fun idea!!


Fun. I would like to join in. How long is this going on for? I will post Sunday

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