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September 11, 2006


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Darrick Hinson


This tribute is wonderful. Amy's "best bud" happens to be my wife and Amelia Tarrou (named after Amy and Michael), our daughter. I can't express to you how moved my wife was to see that you used one of her many entries in your tribute. Thank you, and trust me, Amy thanks you too!


That picture made me so sad. They look so happy and she looks so full of life....the type to just have a zest for life.
You guys have done such a wonderful job with the 2996.
It is hard to believe 5 years have already passed.


This was a wonderful tribute to two people who loved life and each other. They were so loved by many. I am glad Amy's friend had a chance to read your memorial. I have read many, many of these posts and yours is so moving. I am proud that I had the opportunity to write about Catherine A. Nardella who lost her life at the WTC on 9/11. Thank you for your kind comment on my site.


Laura, what a wonderful tribute to two wonderful people. Amy was a local girl for me in my neck of the woods and I am sure her family would be proud of your words on her behalf.

Cheryl (2996-er)

BEAUTIFUL tribute! Thank you for remembering Amy R. King!

* I added link to mine.


That was a wonderful tribute Laura, to two wonderful human beings who lost their lives together on 9/11.
May we never forget that day.


A wonderful tribute. I keep going back and trying to catch up on all the tributes.

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Deborah Lloyd

Laura, Occasionally I enter my sister's name into a search engine just to see if there is anything newly written or published. I came upon your tribute today and read it with a heavy heart. This time of year can be difficult for our family as we reflect on our last summer with Amy and feel the approach of another September 11. Thank you for getting to know Amy, and honoring her life, through text. She, like many others lost that day, could have been anyone's family member, daughter, sister, aunt, or "best bud". It means the world to my family that these beautiful people haven't been forgotten. Thank you, Laura.

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