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September 02, 2006


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LOL Cute photos! Take care. Dani


How funny is that? I love the skateboard picture - a good choice for the theme!
Happy Saturday.
Drop by, My Saturday Photo is up.

Zoots Mom

Great shots..Poor dog. Is there really any dog who like being in a car? Mine sure doesn't..


After 9 hours in the car I'd feel pretty much the same way!


Luv the doggie shot!

Mine's up :)


Lovin' the doggie photos ... :)


Great photos. I'd be snoozing too after that long on the road. Love the skateboard shot.


Those are some awesome shots!! I will send my vote to TNChick.


Love the skateboarding photo. It's cool. My dog like to take it easy while ridin' in a car, too - unlike some who'd rather be hanging out the window.


That little dog isn't actually pulling that skateboarder, is it? Too cute!
I'm up!

Wystful 1

such sweet photos!!! Truly.

Mine's up


What a pair of cute faces.

Page loading report. I clicked. I got up, went to the freezer and pulled out a package of chicken breasts. Then I filled a large pot with water, added the chicken, salt, pepper, a bay leaf. I walked back out to the living room just as your page popped up.

By the way, it's always worth the wait!


Philosophical Karen

Beautiful photos. You have a good eye.

My photo is up.


LOL so cute!


awww, I love these shots :-)


Great shots! I really like the first one, you should do something with that. :)


Your dog in the bottom pictures looks so much like our Belle! They could be cousins :))


Love the photos. Your dog has the sweetest face! A real cutie!


Aww I love those. And yes to the comment above, my dogs LOVE the car. They get very upset if they don't get to go when we ride.

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