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September 30, 2006


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Great pix! I wish I could get that comfy :)

Mine's up ...


so cute! I posted pictures of my comfy furry children also!
come check them out


All your pictures are just wonderful! I love the pet pictures and you can't do better when you add a baby too! =) How precious!


You have some great "comfy" pictures!! Cats tend to get comfy wherever they choose, don't they? lol


now that Zoey looks TOTALLY zonked out!


Great pics. :) That first one is just gorgeous. :)


I love all your pics, they are all comfy :)


I love the one of the kitty in the bag the most! All of them are great choice though.


Our furry kids tend to get into the best positions!


That first pic really is great, I like the lighting and shadows.

But the cat cracked me up - cats are so fun and yours is so cute!

The sleeping baby was so precious.

Great pics! Mine's up! :)

Biker Betty

Lots of great photos. It amazes me how comfy an animal can get and it doesn't look comfy to us, lol. I love the one with Rico.


Awww, bless :o) look at all of them! Comfy and snug as a bug in a rug ;)

Thanks for sharing :o)

Mine's up as well.


That is sO precious! I LOVE the way the sunlight is falling on him... her... it! Really a BEAUTIFUL picture! And perfect for the theme!


Nice photo! What a beautiful looking dog.

Philosophical Karen

Yes, comfy is definitely an art form at your house. ;-)

My photo is up.


What a gorgeous dog, looks so relaxed and comfy.

Mines up too.


Great pix :))
Love the cat in the bags...our Siamese loves to hide in them, too.
All of these "comfy" pictures *yawn* are making me sleepy!


What cute "comfy" pictures you've posted.

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