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October 20, 2006


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Don't know where you get the energy from, but it sounds like a great weekend. Hope you have a blast. And I hope the Bucs do their very best, win or ... umm .. the other, more familiar outcome. (g)

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

I'm like your doggy...I wish I could go!!


Awww! Poor guy. He looks sad.


Always changin' the look of the blog! I like it. A real "go-getter" that Laura!

My ex works for Miller Brewing. I used to go to all the home football games and 2 Superbowls. Still, I don't miss her.

Have fun in the gulf...we'll be over here in the vast Atlantic!

Sara Sue

Have fun...don't even think of that poor, sweet dog laying at that door waiting for you to finally come home.

Florida Cracker

Sounds like a good weekend. Do the Bucs give you one of those nifty headsets when you coach from the stands?


Loved the boat photo and your dog is TOO cute. GO BUCS! Say hello to Brooks for me. You do have your cheerleader outfit all pressed and ready to go, right?


Should be a great weekend for fishing..are you going off shore or to one of the county reefs?


My dentist since 1987 tells us he will retire in 5 years. He's looking for a partner to take over the practice. I'm not looking forward to the transition.

A great picture of the sweet lil puppy waiting at home while you all are out having fun.


Myoflex is on my shopping list! Thanks for the tip; I could have used it while we were gone on our trip.


Can you believe the Bucs game? Wowweeee! Matt Bryant pulls through in the clutch to beat stinkin' Philadelphia! Love it!


GuyK, not offshore. We had kids on board so decided to stay inland. We fished off the Skyway bridge. Hub hooked a tarpon and it got away! damm. Egmont key, have you been out there in awhile? It's washing away. very sad :(

Kenju, Hope it works for you as well! I don't know if the stuff is the best on the market, but it seems to be doing the job for me at this point.

Mrs. DoF, good luck with that transition. I'm really hoping we can find a good dentist to stick with the for the next 4 years.

Terri, no cheerleader, actually! LOL. I"m more of the coaching type. (g)

FC, no, and I can't figure out why. I'm not allowed on the sidelines either. ;)

Tony, and Mary is a GATOR to boot! I can see why you don't miss the ex. ;)

Lass and Tammy, it was hard to say g'bye to poor ol buddy. He's better at home in the a/c anyway.

Nils. "more familiar outcome?" ok, i guess you're right. ;) But I'll take this new version over the old anytime!

Sorry about taking so long to reply, I know half of you forgot your comments anyway.
(right?) ;))))


I'm resting after all that firewood and you sound so energetic it's pathetic. *LOL* I wish I had your young energy.

The picture of the ocean is I miss the ocean. Have fun entertaining everyone.


Poor baby dog!!!! Hummmph!


Okay I am with the young dentist....Mercedes all the way!
I had no idea about the tarter changing that quickly or vice versa. That is pretty quick. Another reason for me NOT to try out for Survivor!
funny post.

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