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October 16, 2006


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Wait a minute...the games not over...come back!


oh, I'm still watching it Sandy!!! stay tuned!


I'm loving this .. a play by play of your night ....


ROFLMAO! OMG Flava and horse plays and tooting and football. What a ramble!


I have a lot going on in my head, Nils(g)


As always (g)


... and evidently, a lot goin' on in your butt, too. (smirk) (Has a sip of Diet Coke with LIME!) (toot)


I am so holding back a comment!!!!
suffice it to say, MY butt is TOOT FREE!;)


Is that "toot free" or - as the French might say - "tout free"? ;)


There is no reason Chicago should have lost. Unacceptable. Just unacceptable.

Zed is grounded from his computer for bringing home a 77 in Math on a progress report. He must make a 90 on his report card or the computer stays with me until next progress reports. I'm harsh, I know, but he rushes through his work and does crap just to play online. I don't know anyone else in the house that does that. Ahem. But I'm not going to let him!


Sounds like they made a comeback! Teach me to watch it all the way through!


Hee - Hubby told me about this game this morning. He said he was watching it. When I went to bed (at a reasonable hour) Chicago still at zippo for score.


Was that not the weirdest game you've ever seen?

Here's the part that sucks. Mary and I did the "pick the winning NFL teams" dealie from her work. I was tied going into Monday Night Football with 3 others with 9 wins, and, we all picked Chicago to win the MNF game. Well, the tie-breaker was points. I had 46, another guy had 48 and two others were out of it by the middle of the 4th quarter with 35 and 42 pts. The final score was 47 points. I friggin' had to split the money with the other guy. What ever happened to the "closest to without going over" rule? I swear, some people make the rules up as they go along. Can you tell I'm p-o'd?

Florida Cracker

...FIU crack ...heehee.


I think Nils meant "toot sweet." It's kind of like ESPN with gas over here. :-)


Your running commentary cracked me right up! So now you CAN"T toot your own...oh never mind! ;)

Florida Cracker

There must have been rum in that coke.

I came back and noticed the -30-

I didn't think anyone used that old writer's symbol anymore.

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