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October 25, 2006


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c and c!


Well, then, thank Heaven he isn't a buzzard!


Ha! LOL @ "B. Pick up snowbirds and deposit them back in NJ."

C & C!!!


It's a duck. And the talons are for working the remote control. Anybody knows that.

Great shot, by the way ... and yes, he IS magnificent.

Florida Cracker

Laura kiddo, I don't know if you intended it, but that is a great symbolic photo.
A fierce Florida native clutching an invasive exotic firmly in it's talons.

The metaphorical possibilities boggle the mind.


WOW... that's the most beautiful pigeon I've ever seen...


Janet and Seamus know their stuff...

Kenju, yech!

Nils, uh huh...

FC, awesome way to put it. I hadn't realized it. Is that an Australian pine?
Well i'll be dammed, as my dad would say. I like that metaphor!

Kellli, what am I going to do with you. You need to go back up to Chicago where there are lots and lots of pigeons... ;)

Florida Cracker

Looks like an Aussie to me.
Love that photo!


What a beautiful bird, he looks so majestic. Unfortunately I was too late for the test :(


I too was late, but I was correct after the fact. The Osprey is quite prevalent around here. They love to build their nests in the tippy-top of electric poles.


Dang it! I missed the quiz! Can I earn extra credit?


I dunno, he looks more drunk than fierce to me, but maybe I'm projecting. *heh*

When I lived in Orlando and worked in Winter Park, right on the lake, we had magnificent views of ospreys diving every day. Now, I live on the Columbia River on the opposite coast, and we have magnificent views of osprey, balds, and peregrines. At any rate, that's a great picture you snapped. Thanks for sharing it.


Dangit, I didn't get here in time - but I did guess Osprey before I read the answer!

WICKED photo. Truly!!! I love birds of prey. LOVE. What incredible creatures!


Wait... are you kicking me out of Florida now?


Hey what's up with the NJ crack?!?


WOW!!! Can you take pictures.
My answer would have been C only because he lives by the ocean.

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