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October 02, 2006


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What a great photo, Laura. I love the bottom one.


The bee photos are good and very clear. You're's VERY hard to raise some humans...and also very nerve wracking.

What is "white noise" on your photo that you have to fix?


Love the photos. Still hate bees. But wow ... capturing the pollen on his butt? How steady is your hand???

And I look forward to your contribution to this whole meme, since it was YOU who got us all scrambling around and taking picts. As far as we all know, you're just sittin' back and laughing at us all, running around like chickens with outr heads cut off ...

... but something tells me you'll post a pict or two.


hmm, I am kind of enjoying the whole hen house idea... (g)


Great pics!

I totally sympathize with the whole moody teenager thing. That description you just gave of your daughter's episodes sounded exactly like my oldest daughter!


I love those photos...the color and the detail.

Raising kids isn't for wimps which is why I never took the risk....I am a wimp!


Neither is rasing husbands according to the other side of the room!


haha. I honestly dont know how you put up with me half the time. lol


Seamus.. she is sooooo right! ;)

Deana, but you're raising great doggies;)

MrsJose, that's why we need that nap so badly.. lol.

Sammiedarlin, POtential! you have potential!!! We could SEE the light!

Florida Cracker

"Girl never gave up."
Obviously, neither did her parents.
That makes all the difference.

Yes, you little meme has morphed into an all consuming quest ... arrrrghhh.

Still a great idea ...but ... arrrgghhh.

Florida Cracker

YOUR little meme...not you little meme.


Bravo on the photo's as usual -- wonderful. I have to check on my spices now since I do have Lots of tins but if I remember correctly, I JUST bought some of them so that would mean the store was selling 15 year old spices? Man oh man!!


Wow! You're much more steady than I! Plus I would never get that close to a bee! Eek!

OK, I bought spices just recently in those red and white tins. What the hell is up with that? I love the red and white tins. I'm going to the store tonight just to check! We may have a story on our hands.


Ha! Your comments about "grounding" just reminded me of how we took advantage of a "timeout" last night... um, it was quite beneficial for the parents...

And yeah... wow, those are awesome pictures! So clear and detailed! -- I have *got* to get a new digital camera soon... *sigh*

Sara Sue

Wonderful post!

Tammy~Kentucky Gal

Loved your pictures of the bee and flower...I'm of a notion to blog most of the time when supper is just over...some idea comes into my head and must be typed down into draft for the next day...then...I go back and do the dishes...arggggggg!!!


Completely engulfed in pink!

Has the pink rubber raft photo always been up there? I had one in a dream lately and then saw one the next day in someone's cellar. I'm wondering if the seed was planted via your photo.

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