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October 19, 2006


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Excellent work, Laura! What a lovely backyard you have... I love the flower pictures. I hope you get a chance to sit back and enjoy the scenery now.


Laura, awesome garden :) -- nice to see "dumb dog" too :) -- I love that you describe the flowers you take pictures of -- I am making a list of the ones I can still use here in the North :)


I'm not particularly strong. I don't have a tan. But I'm willing to go shirtless, providing you'll move that tent around to shield my delicate skin. Do I get the job?

The yard looks lovely ... and Buddy clearly approves!


What a bunch of work. Looks great though! You know, I STILL need help when you're finished!!! Just sayin' :)


Gorgeous plants! Hey, is your dog taking a poop in that first picture ?


Such a cute pup! And now I'm so ashamed of our own yard. It has been horribly neglected. The pine straw is the worst.


What a nice yard you have Laura...and your dog is adorable. I feel your pain on the weeding thing. I recently weeded around my bushes, and then had to trim a tree. My hands, arms, & back were sore for a few days afterwards.

Florida Cracker

"rebellyious" ... hah!
Good job on the yard, it looks great.


Thanks Kelli, I'm hoping I can sit back and enjoy it soon. With winter coming, I'm hoping these plants will be low maintenance all through the winter. Still have to do the front yard, however. ugh.

Sue, I think our variety of perrenial might be annuals for you, because of the deep freezes. I really don't know what grows up north, except for trees, LOL.

Nils, not unless you're strong. LOL. I still have a pallet of sod to order and put down!

Seamus, I'll never be done. this house is falling apart. Never again will I buy a south florida ranch built in the 70's unless I have a boatload of money to sink into it.
It's becoming a money pit.

Janet, yup! I was thinking of moving to the side when he decided to let loose as I was focusing. Then I thought, hey! Teachable Photo Op!

Gypsy, you really should see the rest of this yard. Then you might feel better. ;)

Goldbloom... and your neck, and your feet, and your eyes, I just want to shut mine! I know how ya feel. I'm still tired from it.

Thanks Crackers. My Belly needs the South Beach diet in a hurry.

Sara Sue

The yard looks great! I so want to jump in that pool!

"rebellyious" <----still laughing!


Want to come help me plant my bulbs? I should be getting them any day now. And the temps are supposed to be decent this weekend!


Wow...I love your pool area. And you are so smart to use the awning to shade you while you work.

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